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Why Spring And Summer Are The High Seasons Of Vitiligo Onset

why spring and summer are high seasons of vitiligoVitiligo is a skin disease can occur in every season, but the vitiligo seasonal changes are quite obvious. Most of the patient’s vitiligo onset or worsen are in the spring and summer these two seasons. Especially in the replacement period of spring and summer, this period is the best time to travel in one year. Many people in that two seasons will choose go out to travel. After they ended the travel, many people got vitiligo, some patients got new vitiligo and most of them appeared in the exposed areas such as face. That proved vitiligo onset closely related with the long term exposure to the intense sunlight. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about what cause spring and summer are the high seasons of vitiligo onset.

In daily life, we often see many patients their normal skin around the vitiligo tanned or with pigmentation phenomenon while their vitiligo become red without pigment increase after suffer from the intense sunlight in summer. That will make the color between their normal skin and vitiligo present in big difference and misunderstood that their vitiligo worsen and arouse some unnecessary tensions.

Although vitiligo onset rate is higher in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter, but the patients can not ignore their vitiligo treatment in fall and winter, no matter in which season, how the color of their vitiligo changes, vitiligo patients should insist the treatment to make their vitiligo recovered sooner. The vitiligo patients should avoid give up treatment in winter because their vitiligo seems get better. The sunlight in winter is quite weak, the time they contact with the sun is shorter, the color of the vitiligo patients will become lighter. So the color difference between their vitiligo and their normal skin will not very obvious which make the patients misunderstood that their vitiligo got some improvement and stop the treatment.

In the spring, everything awake, the functions of our body start active, the vitiligo easy to occur especially in spring and summer these period. That directly related with the melanin generation and the skin features. In the spring, the melanocyte function hyperfunction, the nutrients they need is also increased, the causes of vitiligo is related with the the tyrosinase activity decreased or disappeared can can not proved the nutrients necessary for the melanin pigment generation. So if the melanin generation accelerate need more nutrients and make the tyrosinase activity decreased, the nutrients can not provide which finally cause the imbalance between the supply and demand and make their vitiligo quickly developed. Moreover, their are some vitiligo patients epidermal skin assistance ability is quite weak, they are quite allergic to the sunlight and cause their skin have stress response, influenced the melanocyte existence in some part of the skin and induce the vitiligo.

In fall and winter, the weather changed from warm to cold, our body metabolism decreased. Especially in winter, all in the rest state, our body’s various functions not very active, the demand for nutrients such as tyrosinase necessary to the melanin pigment generation will decrease, the vitiligo epidermal skin symptoms will decreased.

Although vitiligo onset have certain relationship with the seasons, but in the treatment should not have seasonal limitations. Vitiligo patients should treat their vitiligo actively in all seasons. If you have any question about why the spring and summer are the high seasons of vitiligo onset, welcome mail to


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