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Vitiligo Is A What Kind Of Disease

vitiligo is a what kind of diseaseVitiligo is a melanin loss skin disease, with the feature of white spots formed in the skin. It's pathogenesis is quite complex, the clinical presentations are also varies. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about vitiligo is a what kind of disease.

The Chinese medicine holds that the vitiligo caused by the seven internal emotions injuries, the liver qi stagnation, the deficiency of qi and blood and the cold which make the evil wind enter the skin and cause the disorder of qi and blood which finally induce vitiligo. Vitiligo called BaiDian or BaiBoFeing in the Chinese medicine. This disease can occur in any part of the skin, it have the wind evil features, that means wherever the wind get through, that part of the skin will become white, so it called BaiDianFeng.

The onset of vitiligo closely related with many factors such as environments, lesions, diet and etc. The vitiligo patients with lower immunity, disorder internal organs, skin channels micro circulation obstruction and etc. The modern medical research also shows the genetic factor, body fluids and relevant cell also participate in the vitiligo onset.

The human skin is just like the vegetarian in the land. The vitiligo just like desertification of the land. All the medicines and nutrients our body intake are transferred to organs and tissues via the blood. The tyrosinase metabolism disorder caused by the internal organs disorder, immune system disorder and etc which can induce the activity of tyrosinase decreased or lost, cause the melanin secretion is not enough and add the blood micro circulation obstruction which induce structure of the skin inner layer have great changes and the nutrients of the melanocyte can not transfer to the skin inner cells which cause part of the skin lack of the pigment and finally induce vitiligo.

If long term in this condition, it will form a vicious circulation and the white spots on the skin will like pieces of deserts will continuously extend and finally form the skin desertification in large scale.

Vitiligo although have no pain and itch feelings, but this disease have no certain onset sites, if it expand to exposed areas, it will influence the patient’s themselves appearance and even will influence their future work and life. Some patients feel shy to contact with others because of vitiligo. Vitiligo make the patients suffered a lot both in mental and physical, some patients even want to end their life. Some patient’s vitiligo expand to their hairs, if it delayed for a long time and let it developed into generative vitiligo, it will cause poor perspiration, the skin cell metabolism disorder, that might induce other diseases.

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