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The Relationship Between The Vitiligo And Blood

the relationship between the blood and vitiligoWhat relationship between the vitiligo and the blood? There are many disease have genetic features, the blood is also the sign of hereditary. Once there is a survey about the relationship between blood and the vitiligo and found the vitiligo patients existed in every main blood types. So does the vitiligo onset related with the blood type?

This question have been researched in medical field. Does vitiligo related with the blood? There still do not have a unified and clear view. Some scholars think vitiligo have no relationship with blood type, the vitiligo is not a blood disease, it is a depigmentation skin disease. But there also many scholars holds that the people with type B and type A blood easier to get vitiligo. But all these have no evidence.

About the relationship between blood type and vitiligo, people once went on a blood type test survey found the vitiligo patients exist in the four main blood types and have no obvious difference in the blood type. But in real life, people think most of the vitiligo patients with blood type of B. There are some patients holds that most of the vitiligo patients with blood type of A.

In fact all these have no basis of reality. Because in a small area, there must exist the blood type difference in the vitiligo patients that is in the blood type number difference but have no statistic meaning. So on the whole, vitiligo is not a blood disease and have no much relationship with the blood type.

The pathogenesis of vitiligo is quite complex, the inducements are also hard to make sure. What we should do is to treat the vitiligo timely with scientific and regular treatments. Although vitiligo is hard to treat, the vitiligo patients should not give up, don’t turn to some so called folk remedies because of the traditional treatment with slower treatment effects. If you have any question about the relationship between the blood and the vitiligo, welcome mail to


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