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Does Sunlight Exposure Can Induce Vitiligo

does sunlight exposure can induce vitiligoDoes sunlight exposure can induce vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to talk about this topic. A large amount of clinical data shows that the vitiligo initiate sites most occurred in the exposure areas. 95% of vitiligo onset related with the seasonal factors especially in the late spring and early summer these period is quite easy to get vitiligo or add newly white spots. Among these vitiligo, there are about 7% vitiligo onset induced by the over exposure to the sunlight. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about what causes that phenomenon to you.

One is the over exposure to the sunlight can cause the melanocyte hyperfunction, which cause the intermediate substances of the tyrosinase and dopa oxidation destroyed. The intermediate substance is an important protect mechanism, once this protect mechanism consumed and declined, the melanin have the possibility to be destroyed.

The second factor is the intermediate substance synthesized by the melanocyte itself over accumulation damaged the melanocyte and induce vitiligo.

Over exposure to the intense sunlight can induce the vitiligo onset rate especially in hot summer, when the sunlight directly irradiate to the ground, the irradiation intensity is great, after over exposure to the sunlight easy to induce the skin inflammation which cause the melanocyte damaged and lose the ability to produce melanin. This is easy to induce depigmentation phenomenon and other negative reaction and have burning feelings at the same time. The area of new vitiligo is larger than original one.

So vitiligo patients should avoid over exposure to the sunlight, they should take protective measures in the summer when they need to go out.

But properly exposure to the sunlight have certain treatment effects for their vitiligo. The specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital divided the ultraviolet into natural light and artificial light. The ultraviolet ray have the treatment effect, anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate the tissue regenerate effect, pain killing effect, desensitization effect and etc. But vitiligo patients should pay attention to over exposure to the ultraviolet ray is adverse to their vitiligo.

The vitiligo patients should receive scientific treatment in the regular vitiligo hospital after they get vitiligo. If you have any question about does sunlight exposure will cause vitiligo, welcome mail to


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