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Does Whitening Injection Will Induce Vitiligo

does whitenging injection can cause vitiligoNowadays with the beauty industry rapid development and sought after by many many people, among these, many people’s heart are captivated by the whitening injection. So what is whitening injection? What about the action principle of whitening injection? Does it will induce vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to make a brief explanation for that.

Whitening needle as the most fashionable freckle whitening product at present, beloved and praised highly by many ladies because of it’s obvious whitening effects. The whitening needle is called white angel. The action principle of whitening needle is to stop the melanin formation. Such as the reduced glutathione in formula can inhibit the tyrosinase metabolism to decrease the formation of melanin particles theoretically. If the melanin decreased, it of course have the whitening effects. So whitening injection have whitening effects theoretically. But over whitening will cause the melanin serious damaged and induce vitiligo. For those vitiligo patients, the whitening injection is absolutely should avoid to use.

Moreover, the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates the ladies sought for beauty, the whitening injection need to inject into the blood. If the whitening injection did not pass the inspection of the health and safety department, have no most basic safety guarantee. Even certain whitening needle have the whitening effects, but this effects compared with their safety is negligible. Moreover, if the whitening injection includes steroid hormones, long term use it will cause hormone dependent and hormone skin inflammatory produced. All these will cause irreversible damage to the skin.

So whether you have vitiligo or not, the specialists in Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital suggests us try our best not take this way to whitening themselves. Especially for vitiligo patients to avoid these whitening products worsen their vitiligo. If you have any question about whether whitening injection can induce vitiligo, welcome mail to


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