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Does All The Vitiligo Will Finally Expand To Face

does all the vitiligo will finally expand to the faceVitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, it will seriously damage the patient’s appearance. So many patients quite concerned about whether vitiligo will finally expand to face? The answer can not answer with a simple yes or no. Because the causes, sites, features of their vitiligo have specialty. In the following parts, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this to you.

The biggest feature of vitiligo is it easy to expand and quite easy to spread to face which makes many patients suffered a lot. Why vitiligo easy to occur in exposed areas? In the following part, I’d like to explain it in detail.

1. The exposure areas easy suffer from the directly irradiation of sunlight.

2. The intermediate substances of melanin synthesized by the melanocyte accumulated too much and damaged the melanocyte and finally induce vitiligo.

3. The friction areas long term suffer from compression and cause the micro circulation blocked, the local damage finally induce vitiligo.

4. Vitiligo occur on face or exposed areas seriously influence the patient’s appearance which brought great harm to the patient’s mental and physical. So the patients with vitiligo on face should receive the treatment in time. If their vitiligo delayed, their vitiligo will expand and hard to treat.

vitiligo is a skin disease, it’s pathogenesis still remain unclear, but the onset of vitiligo closely related with the emotional factors according to the clinical observation. So the patients keep a good mood state in their daily life is quite important. Good emotion also can prevent the vitiligo relapse and expand.

The vitiligo patients also should learn to treat their vitiligo optimistically and pay attention to adjust their mind state. Moreover, most of the cosmetics and blocking fluids have stimulating effects to the skin, so the patients should try to avoid using these products to avoid it expand too fast.

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