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Inflammatory Inducing Factors Of Vitiligo

inflammatory inducing factor of vitiligowe all know the vitiligo can induced by many factors, in the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the inflammatory inducing factors of vitiligo.

The inflammatory inducing factors of vitiligo includes local inflammation and systemic inflammation. The local inflammation also includes infection and non infectious these two kinds. All kinds of bacteria, virus, fungus and pathological effusions formed by the degenerative or dead histocyte can release many antigen substances and induce the immune reaction of the body.

The local inflammatory reaction release many inflammatory mediators and cell factors all can damage the melanocyte and induce the melanocyte generate the anti melanocyte antibodies. The inflammatory skin disease, because the liquefaction and degeneration of basal cell cause the melanocyte loss and induce the local cell generation, the epidermis thicken, the melanocyte and keratinocyte can not contact well which influence the melanin body transfer and degrade can cause the melanin body blocked and finally cause the melanocyte functional decreased and dead.

What worth to mention is in the clinical observation, there are some teenager vitiligo patients with pure white rosea on their face can developed into pigment loss patches from the secondary hypopigmentation spots. Some vitiligo in the early stage on face easy to diagnosed as the pure white rosea and delayed their vitiligo treatment. Moreover, there are many children bit by the mosquitoes and scratch also can cause their skin have inflammatory reaction which also can induce vitiligo.

Clinically, there are some patients have vitiligo or their vitiligo worsen because of cold, fever, sore throat. There are some patients have vitiligo on skin lesion or normal skin because of viral infections such as chicken pox. This is mainly because these inflammations cause the local nerve cell damaged or induce the stress reaction of the body which cause the local or systemic immune system or endocrine function disorder and finally induce vitiligo. There are also some patients with allergic skin diseases such as eczema, urticaria and etc can induce vitiligo. The main inducement of these diseases cause vitiligo because of immune system disorder.

There are many patients not know enough of the inflammatory vitiligo and miss the best time to treat their vitiligo and cause their vitiligo worse. In fact, if the people know more about the inflammatory vitiligo, they can find the vitiligo earlier and treat their vitiligo timely and decrease the influences of inflammatory vitiligo to us. So for the inflammatory vitiligo, if the patients insist the scientific treatment, their vitiligo have great chance to be cured.

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