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The Vulnerable Groups Of Vitiligo

people vulnerable to vitiligoMentioned about vitiligo this disease, everyone have the chance to get it if they don’t pay attention to their life. But every patient’s vitiligo condition is different, so vitiligo is not stable. Many people concerned about which groups vulnerable to the vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to explain it clearly.

The first group is teenager.

The teenager have poor resistance ability to the air pollution, water pollution, environmental pollution and etc. These pollution cause great damage to the teenager immature, their resistance ability to the harsh environment is quite poor, so the teenager is quite easy to get vitiligo. Besides, the teenager with great mental pressure and food bias also might cause vitiligo.

The second group is the people engaged in outdoor work.

The symptoms of vitiligo mainly because of the melanocyte in the skin have pathological changes. Because the damage or shortage of the tyrosinase function in the melanocyte of the skin cause the skin lesion. The vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, the vitiligo will present in different shapes such as oval, circular and irregular shape. The color of white spots is present in different white degrees. The surface of the skin lesion is relatively smooth, have no metabolites, itch and pain or other uncomfortable feelings. Generally speaking, the people long term work in the outdoor easy influenced by the ultraviolet ray and cause their skin get sunburn and cause vitiligo onset.

The third group of people easy to get vitiligo is the people often contact with the stimulating substances.

According to research, we found the people often contact with the stimulating chemical substances will influence the melanocyte regeneration environment and metabolism in their skin and cause their melanocyte function damaged. Especially those engaged in chemical industry and long term contact with the chemical substances, they are easy to get vitiligo. So we suggest the patients should take protective measures when they contact with these substances to decrease it’s harm to the lowest.

The four group is the people with low immunity.

According to the research, there are many vitiligo patients in their vitiligo onset process with quite low resistance ability and quite easy to be harmed by the external disadvantage factors. Among these factors, the people with low immunity also one of the groups vulnerable to vitiligo. So the patients need to enhance physical exercise to increase their immunity and avoid their vitiligo onset.

The four group of people vulnerable to vitiligo is the patients with vitiligo family history.

According to survey, the vitiligo have certain hereditary possibility, the families and it’s offspring with vitiligo family history is the group vulnerable to vitiligo. But genetic factor is not the decisive factor of vitiligo, the people with vitiligo history should do a good job in health care.

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