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Does Over Exposure To Sunlight Will Cause Vitiligo

does over exposure to the sunlight can cause vitiligoDoes over exposure to the sunlight will cause vitiligo? Many clinical data shows most of the initial site of vitiligo present in the exposed areas. About 95% of vitiligo onset related with the season factor. Especially in the late of the spring and early summer this period, the vitiligo onset rate will increase and many vitiligo patients will have new vitiligo appear in their skin. About 7% patients get vitiligo because of over exposure to the sunlight.

Why over exposure to the sunlight can cause vitiligo?

One reason is after over exposure to the sunlight, the melanocyte hyperfunction, it’s intermediate substance of dopa oxidation and tyrosinase were destroyed. The intermediate substance is a important protect mechanism, once that protect mechanism consumed and decline, the melanin have the possibility to be destroyed.

The second factor is because the intermediate substances of the melanin synthesized by the cell itself over produced and accumulated to damage the melanocyte and finally induce vitiligo.

The melanin body color of the people with light skin color is relatively lighter, the size is relatively smaller and present in oval and distribute in groups that means several melanin bodies wrapped together. The people with deeper skin color is contrary to the lighter skin color people.

The people with deeper skin color their melanin synthesis and metabolism is quite vigorous, once offer the activating factor such as ultraviolet ray, their melanin synthesis and metabolism will extremely vigorous, so it will accelerate their melanocyte consumption. Because the vigorous melanin metabolism, if it’s intermediate products over accumulated will in turn kill the melanocyte and finally hinder the melanocyte synthesis and metabolism and finally cause the depigmentation lesion.

That is the reason over exposure to the sunlight can cause vitiligo. So the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest that the people in the summer with strong ultraviolet ray should avoid go outside and try to avoid over exposure in the sunlight. They should eat less foods rich in vitamin C and seafood, keep a calm mood, combine the work with rest, keep a good life habits. If you have any question about why over exposure to sunlight can cause vitiligo, welcome mail to


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