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People Easy To Get Vitiligo

people easy to get vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease, it have white spots present in the skin. The causes and pathogenesis of vitiligo still remain unclear. Vitiligo involves all races. From the clinical observation, the people with deeper skin color is easier to get this disease than people with shallow skin color. That also because the vitiligo is obvious to be noticed in the people with darker skin color. So what kind of people easy to get vitiligo? In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction.

1. With poor immunity.

The people with poor immunity often with poor physical condition, they are susceptible to a variety of bacterial infections, so they have higher rate to get vitiligo than others. According to many researches, we found the teenager have higher rate to get vitiligo than adults. That because the teenager under the development stage, their nerve, endocrine, mental and physical development is relatively unstable. Moreover, the teenagers also easy to influenced by the immunity, nutrition and environment.

2. The people long term take medicines.

According to survey, many vitiligo patients have long term take medicine experience such as long term take vitamins, antibiotics and etc.

3. Long term contact with allergen.

There are many allergens can cause skin lesions such as plants like Ivy and oak, all kinds of cosmetics, cleaning agents and etc. If the people long term live or work in the environments full of allergens, they are easy to get vitiligo.

4. People who engaged in the chemical medicines.

Chemical medicine also one of the important factors that might induce vitiligo. The people long term work in the environment related with the chemical medicines

5. The people long term live in the crowded or unclean environment easy to get vitiligo because of infections.

6. Dermatopathic patients.

The people with lupus erythematosus, diabetes, syphilis, pulmonary tuberculosis and etc also easy to get vitiligo. Some skin diseases related with the immunologic disturbance or received immunosuppressive therapy. This kind of patients with low resistance and easy to have zoster, acne, alopecia and finally will induce vitiligo.

If the patients diagnosed with vitiligo, they had better go to the regular hospital to take systemic tests, earlier found, earlier treatment is the best way to treat vitiligo. If you want to know more about this question, welcome mail to


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