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Factors Influence Vitiligo Treatment

factors might influence the vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is a relatively stubborn skin disease, this disease not only need a long time to treat, but it also easy to expand and brought great blow to the patient’s health. So the patients should take measures to treat their vitiligo once they diagnosed it. So what influence the vitiligo treatment? In the following part, let’s listen to the experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make a brief introduction about the factors can influence the vitiligo treatment.

According to relevant survey, we found there are two factors have certain influence to the vitiligo treatment.

First is the vitiligo patients failed to cultivate the good life habits that might influence the vitiligo treatment. Stay up late will cause vitiligo, other negative life habits also can cause vitiligo. Most patients get vitiligo or their vitiligo expand in the spring and summer. Because the weather in spring and summer is quite warmer, the blood circulation is faster while the qi and blood in the vitiligo lesion can not normally circulate and cause the vitiligo lesion expand or have new vitiligo appeared. External injuries such as burns and falls all can cause the melanocyte destroyed and cause the melanocyte loss finally induce vitiligo. The external injuries cause the T lymphocyte immune function damaged in the wounds.

Moreover, except the factors I mentioned above, improper diet also might influence the vitiligo treatment. Vitiligo patients often eat too much stimulating or high content vitamin C foods such as wines, vinegar, tomatoes, strawberries, garlic, mutton, seafood all might worsen the vitiligo. So during the treatment process, vitiligo patients should change their diet habits. Long time anxious, depressed, uneven emotions all might influence the patient’s nerve system, sensory system changes and decrease the tyrosine which necessary in the melanin pigment synthesize process and at the same time will influence the hormone secrete and immune system of the patients and make the melanin pigment synthesis depressed and finally worsen the vitiligo.

The mind state also play a very important role in the vitiligo treatment process.

To change the mind state of the vitiligo patients effectively, during the vitiligo treatment process, we need to adjust the patient’s mind state, learn more about the common knowledge of the vitiligo and the treatments for vitiligo. The patients if accumulated too much negative emotions, they need turn to a doctor with rich experience. The doctor is a good listener, he can give you some mental support. The patients need to let their doctor know whether they are suffered from much mental pressures, because the doctors and psychologist can help them relieve their pressures. The patients themselves also should learn more about the vitiligo conditions and treatments so that they can discuss with their doctor and find the most suitable treatment for themselves.

Vitiligo patients also can chat with others to make them relaxed. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital is one of the largest specialist vitiligo hospital in Beijing, the capital of China, the specialists innovated UM-D vitiligo treatment, this treatment combine the diet therapy, metal therapy, phototherapy and medication therapy together to treat vitiligo not only from the symptoms but also from the causes and successfully cured over 150000 vitiligo patients during the past ten years.

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