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The Causes Of Female Vitiligo

female vitiligo causesVitiligo for female is quite easy to influence their daily life, because female quite sensitive to their appearance, they pursuit for beauty and can not stand any flaws in their face. Many female patients treated for a long time but can not get good treatment effects which seriously damage their life and work, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the causes of female vitiligo.

1. Endocrine disorder.

In the endocrine system, our body can function normal only in the condition that the systems in our body are in the harmonious state. If our endocrine system disorder, it is have great chance for us to have vitiligo.

2. Injuries.

If our epidermis suffer from some injuries, the infection rate of our skin is correspondingly increased, meanwhile the onset rate of vitiligo is also will increase.

3. Mental factors.

When we under the anxious state, we are easy to get vitiligo.

Why the female vitiligo onset rate is higher than male?

With the social life face faster, the work pressure and life pressure of us is mounting, consequently are all kinds of diseases attacks to our life, vitiligo is among these. According to the research indicates the female have higher rate to get vitiligo than male. What causes that happened?

1. The female pursuit for beauty, so the female will use more health care products and cosmetics. Although the merchants flaunting that their products are purely extract from the plants, is naturally produced, most of the health care products and cosmetics contains chemical substances, these substances have certain stimulating effects to their skin which easy cause vitiligo.

2. The endocrine of female is quite different from male while the onset of the vitiligo is closely related with the endocrine. According to clinical data shows the endocrine factors occupied about 23.6% among all vitiligo inducements. Some endocrine problems such as hyperthyroidism, menstrual disorder and etc all are the causes of female vitiligo onset rate is higher than male.

Health cares for female vitiligo patients.

1. Carefully use the cosmetics.

Female vitiligo patients also can use cosmetics, but compare with the normal female, there have many limits for them to use cosmetics. The female vitiligo patients should choose the cosmetics extract from the plants, avoid use those contains heavy metal and other toxic substances to avoid their skin stimulated by those substances.

2. Pay attention to adjust their endocrine system.

Although male also might have endocrine disorder problems, but the endocrine disorder rate of the female is obviously higher than male. So endocrine disorder have huge influence to female vitiligo patients. There are many factors can cause the female endocrine disorder such as work pressure, disorder diet, pregnant and etc. Female easily to have endocrine disorder problem during their menstrual period. So this period needs to pay special attention to.

What I mentioned above are the causes and attentions for female vitiligo patients, if you have any question, welcome mail to


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