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5 Factors Can Cause Vitiligo

5 factors can cause vitiligoVitiligo is one of the chronic stubborn skin diseases in the world, patients get vitiligo without very clear inducements. The pathogenesis of vitiligo is still remain unclear, so many vitiligo patients under long term vitiligo treatment but still hard to get treatment effects. In this article, I’d like to share some causes of vitiligo for your reference. If the patients have some knowledge about the causes of vitiligo and combine with the scientific treatment, most of the vitiligo can get good treatment effects.

1. Diet.

The vitiligo patients should pay attention to the trace elements intake from their daily diets. With the diversify of our diets, many foods no long purely green foods, most of the foods processed by the people which make the vegetables and other foods have certain unhealthy elements, we long term eat these foods will have certain damage to our health and cause our immunity decreased and finally induce vitiligo.

2. Medicines.

The onset of vitiligo sometimes relevant with some medicines. Daily mosquito bites or wounds, some people smear the ointment to these areas is quite easy to have allergic phenomenon. The damage of medicine is quite serious to our body. No matter the medicine is orally use or external use, all have certain damage to our body, so the vitiligo patients should carefully to use medicines in their daily. Misuse medicines also can induce vitiligo.

3. Genetic factor.

Genetic factor also can induce vitiligo. But according to the clinical data at present, vitiligo this skin disease have quite low heredity rate. So the patients with vitiligo family history sure rest their mind. If their vitiligo can be completely cured, their vitiligo will not pass down to their kids.

4. sunlight.

Vitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease, this disease closely related with the sunlight. It is well known that the color of our skin influenced by seasons. The intense sunlight in the summer, sunlight bath after swim all can deepen the skin color. The sunlight contains ultraviolet ray which can activate the tyrosinase activity in the melanocyte metabolism process and accelerate the tyrosine changed into dopa, dopaquinone and promote the melanin formation. But too much sunlight can cause the melanocyte hyper function and finally damage the melanocyte and induce vitiligo.

5. Emotions.

Different emotions can brought different treatment effects to their vitiligo. Some vitiligo patients with low spirit, they are pessimistic and disappointed to their vitiligo and full of worries. Some even shun to the world and want to bring an end to their lives because of the vitiligo seriously damaged their appearance. The negative emotions can influence the melanin formation, because the negative emotions can stimulate the adrenaline secretion, the synthesize of adrenaline also need tyrosinase. If the tyrosinase largely consumed, it absolutely can influence the melanin synthesis.

So the vitiligo patients should try to avoid the influences of these factors to their vitiligo, treat their vitiligo in a regular specialist vitiligo hospital, cooperate with their doctor and keep a good mood during their treatment process. If vitiligo patients keep a good mood stage, treat their vitiligo under the guidance of the science, their vitiligo have great chance to be cured. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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