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What Causes The Vitiligo Relapse

how to prevent the vitiligo relapseHow to prevent the vitiligo relapse? I think this is the common wishes of vitiligo patients. Many vitiligo patients long term tortured by vitiligo and suffered a lot both in mental and in physical. Some patients disappointed to this condition and just let it go. Vitiligo can seriously damage the health of vitiligo patients, so what causes the vitiligo relapse and how to cure vitiligo completely? In the article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the causes of the recurrence of vitiligo.

The recurrence of vitiligo closely related with the life habits and diet habits of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo treatment is a long term process, although in the vitiligo treatment process have much restrictions and sufferings for vitiligo patients, but once they insist the treatment, most of the vitiligo on the early stage have the chance to be cured. In the following parts, let the specialists from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital introduce why the vitiligo easily relapse.

1. Vitiligo patients blindly search for some so called folk remedies to treat their vitiligo just like a drowning man will clutch at a straw. The vitiligo will damage the patient’s appearance and makie them easily suffered from the discrimination from others. Because the treatment course of vitiligo is quite long, the patients want to quickly get rid of the vitiligo will turn to some so called folk remedies with the though to get rid of their vitiligo quickly. Many patients finally even worsen their vitiligo. So the patients need go to the normal specialist vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo.

2. The vitiligo patients suffered from heavy mental burden, negative emotions can even worsen their vitiligo conditions. Only with good mood state, can they have the chance to get rid of the vitiligo finally.

3. Vitiligo patients suffered from much pressures. Now more and more young people have vitiligo, they suffered from the pressures comes from many aspects such as economical pressures and mental pressures.

4. Drink too much carbonated beverages. The carbonated beverages contains carbonic acid, citric acid, caffeine and artificial pigment, if the vitiligo patients drink too much carbonated beverages, it will influence their appetite and even will cause their gastric function disorder.

5. The vitiligo patients long term contact with some allergic substances. The skin of vitiligo patients quite allergic, if they contact with the allergy will cause the second damage and finally cause their vitiligo recurrent which increase the treatment difficulty.

6. Use cosmetics. Vitiligo damage the appearance of the patients, the female vitiligo patients want to cover their vitiligo with cosmetics. Some cosmetics contains chemical elements is not good for their skin. If they can not avoid using the make up, they need under the doctor’s instructions.

What I mentioned above is the causes of the vitiligo recurrence. If you have any question about the causes of the vitiligo relapse, welcome mail to


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