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3 Common Inducements For Vitiligo

3 common inducements for vitiligoVitiligo is a pigment loss skin disease, it is seriously damage the patient’s appearance. But vitiligo patients do not know much about the inducing factors of vitiligo patients. If they can know the inducements timely, they can take effective measures to avoid it. In this article, I’d like to introduce the inducements of vitiligo.

1. Mental inducements.

Skin is one of the organs express our mental activities. A large amount clinical cases proved that the mental factors is a inducement of vitiligo can not be ignored. There are about 2/3 vitiligo patients suffered from mental trauma, overtired, over anxious, insomnia and etc problems on the vitiligo onset or development period. There are some emergent events such as air crash, economic disputes, domestic disputes, lovelorn, lost job, the death of their loved ones, entrance examination and etc will cause some negative emotions. This can cause their vitiligo developed very fast and make their vitiligo treatment hard to have therapeutic effects, finally can form the pernicious circle.

2. Diet causes vitiligo.

(1) wines and seafood. There are many cases in the clinic shows over drink wines and eat seafood can worsen or cause the vitiligo onset. Wines can influence the endocrine secreting function and damage the liver finally influence the protein and zinc absorption. So the wines can cause vitiligo. As for the seafood, it might related with the seafood can cause allergic reaction and induce the immune system disorder. So the seafood also can cause vitiligo.

Over intake vitamin C. Vitamin C is the reducing agent, it can participate in the tyrosinase metabolism and inhibit the dopa oxidation finally make the formed melanin reduce into the colorless substances and make the melanin changed into water soluble substances which finally decrease the melanin formation. Vitamin C exist widely in fruits, vegetables and the leaves of some plants. So for these foods, vitiligo patients should control the intake.

3. Physical inducements such as sunlight.

The UV in the sunlight can activate the melanocyte. It present as the number of melanocyte in the unit surface increased, the melanin body generate vigorously and move faster. Especially the 290nm-380nm UV have the best ability to activate the tyrosinase activity and promote the melanin body generation. Meantime the UV can inhibit the mercapto in the skin and activate the inhibit tyrosinase activity. So the UV is the motivation of the melanocyte production. But over exposed to the intense sunlight can cause the melanocyte hyperfunction and make it fair too early. The melanin pigment generate too much can cause the intermediate produce accumulate too much and cause the melanocyte damaged or apoptosis. Sunburn not only can directly damage the melanocyte, it also can induce their immune function disorder.

These three inducements are the most common factors for vitiligo patients. If vitiligo patients have good home remedies in their daily life, it can largely decrease their vitiligo morbidity. If you have any question about the vitiligo inducements, welcome mail to


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