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Types And Causes Of Vitiligo

types and causes of vitiligoVitiligo is a common acquired limited or generalized pigment skin disease, this disease caused by the melanocyte function disappeared. But it’s pathogenesis still remain unclear. The vitiligo can occur in any part of body. The common sites of vitiligo are fingers, wrists, forearms, facial, neck and around sexual organ. This disease can involve in any races, the male and female have no obvious incidence difference.

Types of vitiligo.

Acquired vitiligo: acquired vitiligo is a primary, limited or generalized pigment loss skin disease, it induced by the tyrosinase function decreased or lost in the melanocyte. The skin lesion have no pigment, present as white patches with different shapes and sizes, it can spread to any part of the body. This kind of vitiligo with clear boundary, the pigment in the edge is comparatively deeper, the hair follicle in the vitiligo become white.

Traumatic vitiligo: traumatic vitiligo is a acquired, generalized pigment loss symptom, it is a kind of disease seriously damage people’s appearance. This type of vitiligo is easy to diagnose but hard to cure. This kind of vitiligo often induced by the external injuries, surgeries, scratches and etc.

Segmental vitiligo: segmental vitiligo is a limited melanin pigment loss skin disease. The teenage is the high risk group of this disease. The skin lesion is white patches with clear boundary with circular, oval and irregular shape, it can happen in any part of their body. This vitiligo have no self consciousness feelings, it do not influence your health but damage your appearance. It can bring spiritual pain to vitiligo patients. Mental factors, sunshine and external injuries can induce or worsen this disease.

Causes of vitiligo.

There are many factors can cause vitiligo such as lack of trace elements, internal organs disorder, lack of tyrosinase, immune system disorder, genetic factor, overtired, negative life habits, mental pressures, external injuries and etc., all these can cause vitiligo. Generally speaking, vitiligo often induced under the combine action of several factors, any single factor are hard to induce vitiligo. There are many vitiligo patients find it hard to find out the inducements of their vitiligo which complicated their disease condition. All these factors cause vitiligo become one of the stubborn skin disease in the world.

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