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The Causes and Types of Vitiligo

types and causes of vitiligoVitiligo is an acquired limited or generalized pigment loss disease. It caused by the melanocyte disfunction, it can occur in any parts of the body. The common sites of vitiligo often in the back of fingers, wrists, forearms, around the sexual organ and so on. In this article, I want to make a brief introduction about the causes and types of vitiligo at present medical field.

The factors that cause vitiligo is very complex, there are several factors can cause vitiligo, I will introduce to you in detail.

1. Genetic factors can cause vitiligo.

The vitiligo can occur in the family of the twins or among the twins. It proved the hereditary factor play an important role in the onset of vitiligo. Some experts holds that vitiligo have incomplete explicit rate, there are several disease points in their genes.

2. Autoimmunity diseases can cause vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a autoimmunity disease, it can combine autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, chronicle adrenal insufficiency, pernicious anemia, arthritis, malignant melanoma and so on. We can find many special organ antibodies from their blood such as thyroid antibody, anti parietal cell antibody, antiadrenal antibody, aniti smooth muscle antibody, anti melanoma cell antibody and so on.

3. Nerve and neurochemistry theory.

Never factor closely related with the onset of vitiligo. Most vitiligo patients have vitiligo on the early stage suffered from mental trauma, over nervous, low spirit or depressed. Their nerve endings have degenerative changes.

4. The melanocyte self destruction theory.

Vitiligo patients have antibodies and lymphocytes, it means immune reaction might cause the melanocyte destroyed.

5. Lack of trace elements.

The copper element and copper oxidase in the blood and skin of vitiligo patients is lower than normal people which cause their tyrosinase activity decreased and finally influence their metabolism.

6. Other factors.

External injuries, over exposure to the sunlight and other photo sensitive medicines can induce vitiligo.

The vitiligo can be divided into several types, different type of vitiligo should treated differently.

1. Limited vitiligo.

(1) Focal type vitiligo: located in one or several points in one area but not distribute in segmental.

(2) Distribute in single side: vitiligo distribute in single side of the body, disappeared in the middle.

(3) Mucous membrane vitiligo: only mucous membrane involved.

2. Sporadic vitiligo.

(1) Ordinary type vitiligo: the vitiligo distributed largely in the body.

(2) Facial acral type vitiligo: distribute on the face, arms and legs.

3. Generalized vitiligo.

Part of the pigment or all the pigment loss vitiligo. The area of vitiligo is more than 50% of the body surface area.

More than 90% vitiligo is sporadic vitiligo, the rest are the limited and generalized vitiligo, the limited vitiligo is more than generalized vitiligo.

Since the causes and types of vitiligo is complex, many patients treated for very long time but can not get any treatment effects because they did not find out the true causes of their vitiligo and ignore to distinguish their vitiligo. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovate the UM-D systematic diagnosis and treatment system, the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital will make a special treatment plan for every vitiligo patients. If you desperately search a good treatment, you can send email to


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