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What Causes Vitiligo To Spread

what causes vitiligo to spreadVitiligo belongs to a acquired pigment loss skin disease, it characterized by the localized or generalized pigment loss. It caused by the tyrosinase activity in melanocyte of the skin and hair follicle decreased and cause the epidermis loss pigment. This disease can occur in any groups, any ages. Generally speaking, the people with white skin have lower incidence rate than people with dark skin. In this article, I’d like to talk with you about what causes vitiligo to spread.

There are several factors might cause the vitiligo spread.

1. Climate and seasons.

Part of vitiligo patients holds that their vitiligo will spread in the late spring and early summer while relived in winter. That because in the spring and summer full of sunshine, the temperature is higher, the blood circulation in their body will accelerate but their vitiligo parts the qi and blood can not function normally cause their vitiligo spread or have new vitiligo appeared.

2. Lack of trace elements.

There also one point vitiligo patients need to pay attention to is the lack of trace elements also a factor cause vitiligo. Some trace elements is the active substances to participate in the middle link of metabolism of of body, these trace elements include copper, zinc, iodine and so on, they directly participate in the synthesis of melanocyte, they also have the effects to prevent the melanocyte poisoned by the heavy metal poisons.

3. Intake too much vitamin C.

Intake too much vitamin C can influence the synthesis and metabolism of melanin pigment form many aspects and finally cause vitiligo.

(1) Vitamin C can make the dopaquinone that can synthesize the melanin pigment quickly reduce into dopa and stop the biological synthesis process of melanin pigment.

(2) Vitamin C can maintain the activity of thiol enzyme, promote the synthesis of glutathione the sulfhydryl compound and compete to get copper ion with the tyrosine that can decrease the activity of tyrosinase and finally decease of the melanin pigment.

(3) Vitamin C can promote the produce of antibody and other over generating cells. It can worsen the autoimmune action of vitiligo, inhibit the melanocyte have no melanin pigment function in the melanocyte reservoir division and regeneration and finally influence the treatment effects of vitiligo.

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