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The Causes and Prevention of Vitiligo

the causes and prevention of vitiligoThe causes of vitiligo often decided the prevention of vitiligo in our daily life. When you known the true causes of vitiligo, you can try your best to avoid these factors can effectively prevent it spread.

The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital indicates that how to prevent the onset of vitiligo through its pathogens. Vitiligo is a common pigmental skin disease, the decrease or even apoptosis of melanocyte in our skin cause the onset of vitiligo, the specific mechanism is not very clear, this disease is an acquired localized or generalized pigment loss skin disease can influence their appearance. The male and female have equal chance to get this disease, the young people are the high risk group of this disease, it will also involved the mouth, lips, labia and so on also have pigment loss skin disease especially those areas exposed to the sunlight and friction injury parts, it can happen in everywhere in the world, the incidence of vitiligo in India is highest, there are about 12 million people, this disease can involve any race, the female and male have no obvious difference in the incidence of vitiligo. The incidence rate of vitiligo gradually increased in recent years arouse the widespread concern for the vitiligo.

There are many factors can cause vitiligo, such as mental factors, anxious, angry, lack of nutrition, lack of trace elements, immune system disorder, environmental pollution and so on all can cause vitiligo.

The vitiligo patients should take some preventive measures to prevent their vitiligo spread. Fist they need to promise the enough sleep time and sleep quality it is have great important effects to vitiligo patients. The vitiligo patients also need to have balanced diet, the diet also have great influence to their vitiligo, it is also an important part of prevent and treat vitiligo. The vitiligo should control their diet. They need to avoid varies wines, avoid eating seafood, fishes, dog meat, mutton and so on. Eat less foods rich in vitamin C such as raw chilies, jujubes, hawthorns, citrus, kiwifruits, strawberries, tomatoes, salads and so on. They also need intake less milk, western medicines, vitamin C and so on. Protect their skin, the vitiligo patients should avoid their skin injuries, many vitiligo patients have vitiligo after suffered some injuries. The vitiligo patients should use less whitening cosmetics. They also need to avoid over exposure to the sunlight especially in the noon. The vitiligo patients should wear loose cloths, their underwear, underpants and belt can not too tight.

There are also some sports suit for vitiligo patients such as basketball, volleyball and so on, they also can jogging, jumping the rope and so on.


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