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Does Vitiligo Contagious

does vitiligo contagiousQuestion: Several months ago, a friend of my come back from business trip have vitiligo, he was very upset, he wondered if he infected vitiligo from the hotel in lived? Does vitiligo contagious?

Answer: the vitiligo will not infectious. Infection is the pathogen enter our body and parasite in the body. People will infected the virus because of contact with other medium, the main condition to make up the infection are the pathogen while vitiligo caused by the local skin melanin pigment metabolism disorder and make the color changed, it have no pathogen, have no sources of infection, so vitiligo will not contagious.

Suggestion: there are many ways to treat vitiligo, some external used, some internal used, some combine the external and internal to treat vitiligo, but it does not mean that every patient should adopt the same treatment, the vitiligo patients should according to their own physical condition, the type of their vitiligo, the causes of their vitiligo to choose the treatments. During the treatment they need to avoid any stimulation, keep good mood state is also very important. Meanwhile proper diet, balanced nutrition is also very important for vitiligo patients because the lack of tyrosinase in the foods also will influence the synthesis of melanin pigment. So vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosine, zinc, iron, copper and so on.


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