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Should Vitiligo Patients Get a Tattoo

should vitiligo patients get a tattooWith the changes of years, the tattoo already shake off the meaning of ancient tattoo, in the ancient, only the criminal or slaves have tattoo, the tattoo is the symbol of disgrace. With the pattern changes of tattoo, it already become a fashion, some people even attach tattoo with certain special meaning. So some vitiligo patients also want to use tattoo to cover the vitiligo in the exposed areas, I’d like to make a brief introduction about should vitiligo patients get a tattoo?

The vitiligo is a skin disease seriously damage the appearance of vitiligo patients. Use the tattoo to cover vitiligo seems a good treatment plan, but from the fundamental aspect, the tattoo only can cover vitiligo, it is not the treatment of vitiligo, besides use the tattoo to cover vitiligo might cause the vitiligo to spread. Because the tattoo itself is an external stimulation, it can damage the skin cause the melanocyte and autonomic nervous system damaged, cause the melanin pigment synthesis obstruction and induce vitiligo, the external injury is also one of the important causes of vitiligo.

Tattoo is make some patterns and words in the epidermis by using the colorful needles to stab in the basal layer of the skin. In a word is pierce the skin, apply the dyestuff with permanent pattern to the wound. For the normal people, it will have not too much damage to their skin, but for the vitiligo patients, it is harmful.

It is understandable that vitiligo patients want to cover their vitiligo with tattoo, but the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggest vitiligo patients not do that, it will brought series risks to them, the ink and dyestuff of tattoo might stimulate the skin. The fundamental way to treat their vitiligo is go to a normal specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo.

The tattoo only can cover the vitiligo a short time, in long terms, it will make the vitiligo have the risk of spreading, so vitiligo patients should believe in science, to receive the normal vitiligo treatment in the hospital assist with diet therapy to treat their vitiligo.

Not everyone can tattoo, the tattoo have some stimulating effects to our skin. The vitiligo is the acquired localized or generalized pigment loss skin disease, the symptoms of vitiligo is there are white spots on the skin. The tattoo can not avoid cutting operation on the skin, it is very adverse to the recovery of vitiligo, because external injury is also one of the important inducements of vitiligo, so the tattoo can cause the damage to the skin tissue, cause the local immunity system abnormal, it also can directly cause the increase of nerve medium synthesis, damage the melanin pigment synthesis process, finally might cause their vitiligo worsen or even expand or spread, this phenomenon is relatively obvious in the vitiligo patients.

moreover the chemical substances of tattoo on the chest might maintain in the skin cause the skin micro circulation obstruction, the melanocyte of vitiligo patients can not develop normally cause the lack of melanocyte, the final result is worsen the vitiligo condition.

Since the tattoo have so much harms to vitiligo patients, so for their skin health,the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggest the vitiligo patients had better do not tattoo.


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