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Trace Elements and Vitiligo

copper tablewareVitiligo is a common acquired pigment loss disease, it caused by the melanocyte function decreased, it often occurred in back, neck, face and other areas, vitiligo have genetic factor, so vitiligo is not necessary occurred after birth, it might carried by some invisible genes, the factors of vitiligo are many, there are one test in the vitiligo tests is the test of trace elements, because the tests of trace elements can make sure the pathogens of vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to make a introduction of the trace elements and vitiligo.

Test the trace elements is also tests the copper, zinc content in their body, zinc and copper can directly influence the synthesis of tyrosinase. Copper protein and serum protein these two trace elements also can directly influence the formation of melanin pigment, it also need to test.

The causes of vitiligo is largely related with the immune system, trace elements is the active substances to participate in the metabolism of the body such as zinc, iodine, copper and so on. The directly or indirectly participate in the synthesis of pigment, these trace elements have the effects of participate in the catalyze of enzyme systems. The copper and zinc closely related with the vitiligo, it have assistant effects in the pigment metabolism. Copper ion is the active agent of the tyrosinase, the lack of copper ion in the animal can cause the hair become white, after supply the copper ion, the color can restore. The copper ion also can participate in the formation process of melanin pigment, some heavy metals such as iron, silver, gold, mercury, bismuth, arsenic and so on can deepen the pigment of the skin, it might through combine the hydrogen sulfide can strengthen the tyrosinase activity. Most of the research results indicates that the content of copper and zinc is much lower than normal people.

The clinical research indicates the copper protein in the blood and skin of vitiligo patients is much lower than normal people, so it must will cause the decrease of tyrosinase in vitiligo patients and influence the metabolism of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients should eat more foods contains copper, zinc and other trace elements and enhance physical exercise in their daily life.


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