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What Causes Female Vitiligo in Winter

what causes female vitiligo in winterClinical recovered female is easy to have vitiligo than male, vitiligo is a skin disease can seriously damage their skin color, impact the appearance of the patients. Female all love beauty, if they have vitiligo is no doubt is a very heavy blow, moreover, vitiligo also can cause serious damage to the mental and physical health of the female, so female vitiligo can no afford to delay. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the causes of female vitiligo in winter.

Vitiligo is easy to influenced by the seasons, generally in the summer and spring, their vitiligo will worsen even will relapse, but in the fall and winter, their vitiligo will relatively stable. But some patients their vitiligo relapsed in winter, what cause this phenomenon? Why vitiligo relapse even in the winter?

1. Winter is very cold, vitiligo patients might got frostbites in winter can cause the vitiligo relapsed in winter. External injuries is one of the factors cause vitiligo, winter is very cold, the vitiligo on the hands, feet, legs and other sites will relapse because of frostbites, so patients need to do a good job to keep warm in winter to avoid frostbites.

2. Winter is easy to get cold, cold also can induce the relapse of vitiligo. Winter is a season easy to induce cold, after get cold, the body immunity will decreased and cause the endocrine disorder, influence the synthesis of melanin pigment and cause the relapse of vitiligo, so in the winter vitiligo patients need to prevent cold, if they have cold, they need go to see the doctor timely.

3. Winter is very cold, long time not do exercise will cause their immunity decreased and cause the relapse of vitiligo. In the winter, many people will become very lazy, they stay in the air conditioner house and refuse to get out, this will cause their vitiligo relapse because of immunity decreased.

There are some common factors causes vitiligo.

1. Mental factor. Mental factor is one of the important factors can cause vitiligo, female are sensitive in nature with uneven emotion state, they are easy to be anxious, depressed because of biological factors, it is easy to induce vitiligo.

2. Endocrine disorder. Endocrine disorder is also a factor can cause female vitiligo. The medical research discovered the pregnancy, age, gender and other biological factors all have great influence to the vitiligo patients and induce the patient’s endocrine disorder finally induce vitiligo.

3. Improper diet. Improper diet is also another important factor cause female vitiligo, malnutrition or intake stimulating, oily, toast foods is one of the important factors cause the endocrine disorder and further induce vitiligo. Female are very casual in their diets in many ways such as like eat snacks which can cause the lack of some trace elements and finally induce vitiligo.

4. Cosmetics. Many female vitiligo patients like use cosmetics, some inferior cosmetics will simulate their skin easy to cause vitiligo on their face.

Female vitiligo patients need to pay attention to these factors, if they are not luck enough to get vitiligo, there are need for them to be over anxious, vitiligo is not an incurable disease, if treated timely and properly, their vitiligo have chance to be cured. If vitiligo relapsed will brought larger damage, not only will influence their mental health but also make their disease hard to treat, so vitiligo patients should do a good job of health care in their daily like to avoid their vitiligo relapsed.


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