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Vitiligo Skin Discoloration Causes

vitiligo skin discoloration causesVitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease in the world, it easy to diagnose and hard to cure, in this article I’d like to introduce some factors might cause the vitiligo skin discoloration.

1. Theory of nerve segment.

There are many clinical vitiligo patients have vitiligo distribute along the nerve segment that is to say along the nerve segment moving direction, have section of vitiligo, some patients with vitiligo along their mouth corner to chin, some have vitiligo from eye corner to chin, some have vitiligo from chin to neck. There are someone observed a patient with transverse myelopathy, he have no conscious below the waist while above the waist and face have vitiligo, that means vitiligo closely related with the local nerve.

2. Peripheral nerve theory.

There are some do the experiment and found there are several hormones out side the body of fishes and amphibia can whiten them such as melatonin acetylcholine, noradrenaline, adrenal and so on. So there are someone put up with this opinion, the causes of melanocyte function of produce melanin decreased is the nerve chemical substances increased around the vitiligo disturb the activity of tyrosinase. In the normal condition, the nerve in the inhibit state around the skin cause the skin pigment can not changed easily. But vitiligo patient’s nerve end is very active and increase the release of fade black hormone and other substances cause the synthesis of melanin pigment decreased can finally cause the skin discoloration.

3. Local nerve theory.

There are someone holds that vitiligo caused by the local nerve damaged, so all kinds of local irritations directly damage the nerve and cause the disease.

4. Mechanical irritations theory.

The common vitiligo onset sites often in the parts easy to exposed to the outside and friction areas, that might closely related with these skin often long time suffer from mechanical irritations.


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