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Does Vitiligo can Pass On to the Next Generation

DOES VITILIGO CAN PASS DOWN TO THE NEXT GENERATIONVitiligo can occurrence in any age period. According to the records, among all vitiligo patients the vitiligo incidence age under 40 year old is occupied 95%, under 30 year old is occupied 70% to 80%, between 20 to 30 year old occupied 20% to 30%, this age period is the child birth peak, because they are under puberty and their emotion unevenly, their illness state is progressively developed. So whether vitiligo patients can give birth a child and whether the vitiligo can pass on to the next generation is a well concerned topic of those vitiligo patients and their family members who want to give birth to a child. Whether vitiligo can pass on to the next generation? Whether vitiligo mother have a baby will have bad influence to their child?

We explain this question mainly from two aspects I mentioned below. First, from the western medicine to explain it: the western medicine holds that the occurrence of vitiligo might triggered by the combined acted of internal genetic factors and external factors cause the immunity abnormal, nerve, spirit, and endocrine disorder and so on, finally cause the inhibit of tyrosinase system or the destruction of melanin pigment cells and lead to the loss of pigment in our body.

western medicine explain it from several aspects:

(1) Vitiligo is a kind of multi genes genetic disease, it involves many genes of vitiligo, not all vitiligo patients pass their disease to the next generation, the patients with vitiligo family history have very few number so most of the offspring of the vitiligo patients do not pass their disease to the next generation. The genetic factor of their vitiligo will not change whether their disease cured or not, it doesn’t mean their disease will not pass on to the next generation if they give birth to a child after their disease controlled or cured. So vitiligo patients in the development period give birth to a child will not increase the risk of pass on their disease to the next generation.

(2) Vitiligo itself have no direct influence for the vitiligo patient’s reproductive capacity, will not cause the abnormal of the eggs and sperms, will not cause the abortion, premature birth, monster teras, dead fetus and so on, but vitiligo patients suffer from mental tension, depression, anxiety and other pressures, it can cause nerve, endocrine, immune system function abnormal, moreover, in their pregnancy period their body will suffer from a series of physiological function big changes, these changes have certain effects to their fetus, so if the pregnant vitiligo patients can realize this problem and adjust their mental state, have no nerve tension, depression, anxiety and other problems, they can avoid have bad influence to their fetus.

(3) During their illness state especially in the progressive period, most vitiligo patients once use many medicines and treatments to treat their vitiligo especially immunity inhibitor, anti tumor and psoralen add long wave ultraviolet ray, photo therapy and other treatments with large toxic side effects and medicines with deformity effects. The patients use these treatments to treat their vitiligo, if they pregnant in their treatment period or not long time after they stopped take medicine, it will have great effects for the development of their fetus, some of the medicine might cause them miscarry. Some medicines use to treat vitiligo, their safety still remained to test. So vitiligo patients should avoid take medicines their safety still remained to test during or before their pregnancy period.


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