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Stress Responses Inducing Vitiligo

stress response cause vitiligoDermatologists point out genetic factor can induce vitiligo, but it is not only a skin disease, it’s the systematical diseases represent in the skin. The onset of vitiligo always have this factor is stress response. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of stress responses might cause vitiligo, these are all the inducing factors of vitiligo.

Irregular life habits, stress response induce vitiligo.

When the inflammatory of our body relapsed again and again, the vitiligo patients have irregular life habits and so on activate the lymphocytes to anti the virus, this human spontaneous resistant the virus called stress response. When their body have this stress response, most people will not influenced by it but when someone with poor immune system after their inflammatory ended, their stress response still take effects, over effects will have the risk to have vitiligo.

From that point, we could see the stress response is one of the external factors induce vitiligo. So there are how many stress response? When our body have inflammatory, such as have a cold, gastritis, pneumonia, amygdalitis and so on. In that time, the cells in their body produce the stress response to fight against the inflammatory, so if vitiligo patients often stay up late or have other negative life habits, their body need to adjust their kind of change, make their immune system have stress response, this is one of the inducements of vitiligo.

Recurrent of tonsillitis, stress response induce vitiligo.

Do not take vitiligo as a elderly disease, children and teenagers also the high risk population of vitiligo. One of the inducements of children vitiligo is the recurrent of tonsillitis. Because tonsillitis onset also can cause the stress response of our body. Many kids have cold then is tonsillitis. Especially if their tonsillitis repeated again and again, the stress response system will repeated act on, it will more easily to have vitiligo.

Experts advice if children have a cold, do not think it is not a big problem, should control their kids illness state timely to avoid it develop into tonsillitis and increase the risk to have vitiligo.

over tired cause the body produce the stress response and induce vitiligo.

Climate have certain effect to vitiligo. The incidence of vitiligo is higher in the tropical area and lower in the cold area, it is closely related with the dampness, hot, over exposure to the sunlight.

Such as in the summer, after outdoor activities, there are some people have vitiligo.

Experts indicates that because of over tired and over exposure to the sunlight, people’s body will have stress response damages, if the the lymphocytes of their whole body fight against the virus, it will have not much influence to normal people but if this one have poor immune function or genetic factors, once the lymphocyte acted in our body, it could not stopped, once it hyper effect will cause immune system diseases such as vitiligo.

In one word, the weather factor, overtired, stress response damages all or inducements, but the immune system poor, family vitiligo genetic factors these are the mainly cause of vitiligo. About 20% vitiligo patients have genetic factor, about 80% vitiligo patients was infected by their immune system.


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