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5 Tips to Prevent Vitiligo

vitiligo causesVitiligo is a common stubborn pigment loss disease, there are many people do not known how to prevent it occur, many vitiligo patients have vitiligo because they do not pay attention to some aspects. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of five tips to prevent vitiligo, it also have some effects to prevent it spreading.

Vitiligo is a skin disease have white patches on the skin, but if a person have vitiligo on his or her skin is not necessary means that he or she have vitiligo, vitiligo is a relatively complex skin disease, in the early stage, the lesion of vitiligo is very small and the onset time is very short, so the treatment of vitiligo in the early stage is very important. But it is not good to treat their vitiligo blindly, they need pay attention to many details, there are five tips I'd like to introduce to vitiligo patients.

1. Decrease the directly contact with rubber gloves, because there are antioxidants such as hydroquinone single phenyl ether in rubble gloves, this kind of substance have selective destroy effects to the melanophore in our skin. Some workers have depigmentation patches on their back of hands or fore arms even in the back or on their lower limbs because of long time wear this kind of gloves.

2. Vitiligo patients should avoid mental trauma or too much life stress: mental trauma or too much life stress all are the inducements of vitiligo, the onset or worsen of vitiligo all might happened after some emergency events in the life. Vitiligo patients should try to avoid mental trauma, over tired, over anxious, too much worry, uneasy even when sleeping or eating. Mental stress, depression not only might induce vitiligo but also can expand the old vitiligo.

3. Balanced their diet, balance their work and rest: according to the illness state and individual physical condition of every vitiligo patients, vitiligo patients should intake foods rich in high protein, low fat, low sugar, vitamin B, avoid intake foods might worsen their disease. Combine their work with rest, participate some activities both good to their physical health and mental health, but the time should proper, not too long and the sports should not too intense.

4. The vitiligo in the development period should decrease the external irritations, frictions and external injuries, too tight belt might promote the onset of vitiligo, some other localized irritations such as burns, sunburns, radio active rays, chemical medicines, frostbites, infections and so on all can cause the onset of vitiligo.

5. Avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin S such as fruits and vegetables such as kiwifruits, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, hawthorns and so on. Vitamin C can stopped the synthesis of melanin in it’s metabolism process and finally will worsen the vitiligo. In contrary, lack of tyrosine in the diet can influence the synthesis of melanin pigment, so vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosine such as pig’s liver, lean meat, egg, fresh vegetables, bean products and so on.


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