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Inducing Factors of Vitiligo

inducing factors of vitiligoVitiligo is not a common stubborn skin disease in our life. It is a pigment loss skin disease. The symptoms of vitiligo is localized or generalized white patches on your skin, it is an acquired localized or generalized pigment loss disease, it is an skin disease will influence your appearance, it is easy to diagnose and hard to treat. In this article I’d like to make a brief introduction of the 8 inducing factors of vitiligo.

Vitiligo will influence patient’s appearance and seriously influence their life quality, but there are many inducing factors might cause vitiligo but many vitiligo patients still not very clear about that. If they known more about the factors of vitiligo and take effective measures to prevent them, so much troubles could avoided.

1. Metal factor induce vitiligo.

Skin is one of the organs we express our inner mental activities. A lot of clinical cases indicates that mental factor is one of the inducements of vitiligo onset or worsen. According to some data, there are about 2/3 vitiligo patients suffered from metal trauma, over tired, too much thoughts, anxiety, sadness, feel uneasy even when eating and sleeping, could not fall asleep all night long, dreamed a lot, over stress and so on. There are car accidents, air crashes, economy disputes, disappointed in a love affair, lost a job, the death of their loved ones, entrance examination and other emergent events might cause mental stress. This is so called pathogenic due to depression. Some vitiligo patients feel worry, anxiety, sadness, even feel themselves inferior and lost their confidence to move on, that will make their disease spread very fast, make the treatment in vain, finally cause the vicious circle that is called depressed because of disease.

2. Diet factor inducing vitiligo.

Wines and seafood worsen vitiligo or cause the vitiligo. Wine can influence patient’s nerve endocrine function, damage their liver, influence the absorption and synthesis of protein and zinc. Seafood might induce allergic reaction cause the immune system disorder.

Over intake vitamin C. Vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can participate in the tyrosine metabolism, inhibit oxidation of dopa, make melanin pigment formed in the skin restore to the colorless substances and make the melanin pigment changed into water soluble gelatinoid and decrease the melanin pigment. Vitamin C exist in fruits, vegetables and the leaves of some plants. The fruits rich in vitamin C includes melons, grapefruits, pawpaws, strawberries, citrus, watermelons, wild jujubes and so on. The fruit juices rich in vitamin C includes apple juice, sour fruit juice, grape juice and so on. The vegetables rich in vitamin C includes asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage, leaf mustard, green chilies, red chilies, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, tomato juice and so on. Generally speaking, sour fruits or vegetables contains much vitamin C. We emphasize vitiligo patients control the intake of some fruits rich in vitamin C such as apples, tomatoes and so on, but in the collection of out patient medical history, we did not found few patients intake too much vitamin C and cause their vitiligo onset or expand, more patients have these situations because of long term intake medicines contains vitamin C.

Phenolic foods such as coffee, vegetables, fruits contains much phenol, it have toxic effects to the melanin cells.


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