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The Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Vitiligo

the symptoms causes and treatment of vitiligoVitiligo is a kind of stubborn skin disease in our life, vitiligo caused by the loss of pigment. So what the symptoms, causes and treatment of vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of it.

The symptoms of vitiligo is mainly present white patches in our skin, often symmetrically distribute along their body, the common site of vitiligo are on hands, face, neck, feet, trunk and so on. The onset area is not certain, can spread to the whole body, the color of vitiligo is white, pure white, cloudy white, porcelain white and so on.

Main factors causes vitiligo.

1. Industry pollution cause vitiligo.

Industry discharging is also one of the reasons cause the vitiligo incidence rising in this years. The research records indicates in recent years, a large amount of industry pollutant gas damaged the ozone layer in the atmosphere, which cause too much ultraviolet ray irradiate into the ground, that will damage our health and induce vitiligo.

2. Intake too much unhealthy foods.

Many foods that does not conform to hygiene standards contains a large amount of chemical additives such as dyeing agent, anti-corrosive, sweet agent and so on. These substances absorbed by our body will stop the synthesis of melanin pigment and induce the develop of vitiligo.

3. Endocrine disorder.

Endocrine and immune function disorder, some chemical and heavy metal toxic substances will cause our body immune function disorder and cause endocrine function disorder and finally induce melanin pigment cells damage, loss and finally induce vitiligo.

4. Deficiency of trace elements.

The research indicates that the deficiency and disproportion of trace elements will cause the melanin pigment synthesis obstruction. Trace elements not only participate the synthesis of melanin pigment, it also can protect melanin pigment damaged by the heavy metal toxic substances. So vitiligo patients needs to supply trace elements and balance their nutrition to prevent the occurrence of vitiligo.

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