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What Caused Genetic Pattern Vitiligo

what causes genetic vitiligoVitiligo is an acquired pigment loss skin disease, it closely related with the environments, dietary, external injuries, over exposure to the sunlight and so on, genetic factor is also can cause vitiligo, but the incidence rate is not high, it must under the common action of the external environments can cause the vitiligo. There are many vitiligo cases in the clinical diagnosis and treatment process proved that the acquired factors cause vitiligo occupied a larger proportion than genetic factor, but the genetic vitiligo is also have some, how to treat and prevent the genetic vitiligo at same time and cure vitiligo from the root, prevent it relapse? So what causes genetic vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to make some relevance introduction about it for your reference.

What cause genetic pattern vitiligo?

The vitiligo experts in introduce that the genetic factors of vitiligo is only occupied 2% to 4% in the world, vitiligo have certain genetic background, but from the genetic perspective to see, the genetic factor is only one side factor that can cause vitiligo, on the condition of genetic factor, the environment have more important effect than the onset and develop of vitiligo. The vitiligo patients with genetic gene not necessary to have vitiligo, if they do not directly contact with the inducements, they can avoid this disease, but in contrary, when they exposed to the inducements, they might have vitiligo at any time.

The features of genetic factors.

Vitiligo is an acquired limited, generalized or primary pigment loss skin disease. Primary skin pigment loss disease caused by the tyrosinase system function decreased in the melanin pigment cells of the skin and hair follicle. The skin lesion have no pigments, the size and shape of pigment is different, it can generalized to the whole body, the boundary is clear, the pigment in the edge is deeper, the hair follicle in the vitiligo become white.

According to the clinical features, onset factors of genetic vitiligo, Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo adopt systematical and comprehensive treatments to treat vitiligo and achieved very good treatment effects. We combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo, along with large scale medical equipment, electroacupuncture, internal and external Chinese patent medicine, western medicines, silicon light, carbon light, Chinese medicated bath, gas bath and so on to treat vitiligo, we treat vitiligo from the mental, dietary and whole body, we have three steps to treat vitiligo, one is control it spreading, second is restore the color of vitiligo ,the third one is consolidating treatment, really realize the uniting of diet therapy, medication treatment and mental treatment together, base on the medicine, take of advantage of advance medical equipment to treat the skin lesion, cultivate a correct diet habits in the experts instruction, doing mental consultation for vitiligo patients to make sure the patients receive the treatment with their best condition, only treat vitiligo from the symptoms and combine the prevent and treat together to treat vitiligo, can they treat vitiligo from the root and avoid it relapse.

What I mentioned above is the basic introduction of what will cause genetic vitiligo, the incidence of genetic vitiligo is occupy only 2% to 4%, when they get vitiligo, they’d better treat it as earlier as possible, the vitiligo is not afford to delay, once it delayed, it will worsen and easy to relapse.


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