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11 Common Questions About Vitiligo

common questions about vitiligoMany vitiligo patients have many questions about vitiligo, there are several common questions about vitiligo is well concerned by vitiligo patients, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about vitiligo.

1. What is called vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disease caused by pigment loss, because the occurrence site of vitiligo is not certain, it also have win evil feature, where the wind goes by, where it become white, that is called vitiligo.

2. How about the incidence rate of vitiligo?

The incidence rate of vitiligo in our country is about 2% to 4%, the tendency of vitiligo incidence rate is raising, the south Asia, Africa is about 3% to 4%, the incidence rate of vitiligo in Europe is about 1%.

3. Which factors might induce vitiligo?

At present, the pathogen of vitiligo still remain unclear, we boil down the factors might induce vitiligo into several points: heredity, melanophore self destruction, endocrine, chemical factor, immune system, external injury, infectious, relatively lack of tyrosinase and so on.

4. Does vitiligo is a communicable disease?

No, vitiligo is a pigment abnormal disease not the microorganism parasitism disease so it is not a communicable disease.

5. Dose vitiligo have genetic factor?

Clinical statistic indicates that vitiligo have certain genetic factor but the incidence rate is relatively small and the factors might induce vitiligo is also many, the incidence rate of heredity is about 4%, the environment, mental factor, chemical substances all might cause vitiligo.

6. What vitiligo patients need pay attention to in their daily life?

Keep good mental state, stop worry about anything, pay attention to balance the rest and work, cultivate a good life habit, avoid indulge in sexual pleasure, enhance physical exercise, improve your immunity, avoid eating or eating less stimulating, spicy, pungent foods, the foods rich in vitamin C should also avoided, vitiligo patients also should avoid to take hormone medicines and so on.

7. Which job is easy to have vitiligo?

Generally speaking, the job vitiligo patients occupied not no direct causal relationship with the job they participate in, but according to statistics indicates that the hydrogen peroxide, liquid chlorine, artificial perfume and so on all can lead to the pigment loss in their skin and induce vitiligo finally, so when there are need to directly contact with strong oxidizing substances for vitiligo patients, they need to pay attention to take care of their skin.

8. Dose external injury can cause vitiligo?

It can, external injury is one of the factors might induce vitiligo, external injury can make the local skin in the high stress state and cause the nerve five damaged. It have great influence to the generation of melanin pigment and induce vitiligo.

9. What about the relationship about vitiligo and mental state?

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that seven emotions can cause disease, the development of vitiligo is caused by the disorder of your emotions, it cause the deficiency of the function of liver and kidney, the decrease of body immunity and make the local circulation poor and finally induce vitiligo, so vitiligo patients should keep a good mind state.

10. Why it is melanin pigment and it produced?

Melanin pigment live in skin, retina, pia mater, ovary and so on, it mainly distribute in the basal layer of epidermis, hair root and sheath are the products of the tyrosinase and tyrosine react with each other.

11. Why long time over exposure to the sunlight easy to induce vitiligo?

Sunburn will make the melanin pigment in the state of activated state, intermediate substance of tyrosine conversion will destroyed or the intermediate substance over destroyed and induce the generation of melanin pigment influenced.


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