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The Harms of Stay Up Late for Vitiligo Patients

the harms of stay up late to work for vitiligo patientsWe only heard sunburn can worsen vitiligo, so the vitiligo incidence rate is steadily rise when the summer comes. But there are several vitiligo patients often stay at office to work and have no time to do the outdoor activities not to say long time exposed to the intense sunlight, but they have vitiligo also, these vitiligo patients have the same experiences that is they stay up late to work a period of time before the onset of the vitiligo. Does stay up late to will also induce the onset of the vitiligo? The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital introduce that there are research proves that stay up late or over tired might influence people’s emotions and cause the nerve end release chemical mediator can decrease the activity of the tyrosinase and damage the melanin pigment cells, finally cause the vitiligo.

Stay up late to work will cause the decrease of immunity and make the melanin pigment cells easily damaged.

Vitiligo is a common acquired pigmentation skin disease, the symptoms of it is limited or generalized pigment loss patches. Many people holds that the vitiligo caused by the melanin pigment loss in skin and hair follicle because of over exposure to the intense sunlight. The modern medicine holds that the vitiligo is a joint result of many inducements such as autoimmunity, melanin pigment self destruction, nervous chemical factor, genetic factor, trace elements changes, mental factors, micro circulation, dietary and so on.

The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital in China said stay up late to work, overtired, decrease of immunity and have a bad mood all will worsen the vitiligo. Because overtired and stay up late can cause the qi and blood consume, the blood had bad circulation and finally directly cause the quickly decrease of the immunity assist disease, it at same time can influence our mood state cause the nerve end release the medical mediator decrease the tyrosinase activity, it will damage the melanophore.

So vitiligo patients should balance their life and work to have enough time to rest, if long term stay up late might induce vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should keep a good life habits to avoid worsen their disease. Moreover, they should keep the optimistic mind state, decrease the negative emotions influence such as sadness,stress, anxious, depression and so on. Avoid external injuries, increase the immunity, drink more fresh light green tea, eat more bean products, avoid to eat or eat less foods contains vitamin C or stimulating foods.


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