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Mental stress — the risk factor of the vitiligo

Does the mental status cause the vitiligo? The answer is yes. The mental status plays a very important in health. The mental stress is the outside stimulus that arouses the depression, anxiety, Negative emotions etc. in another word. It’s also called life events. We usually find that some of the vitiligo patients’ skin will get injured after the mental stress and negative life events.

One of the Chinese literary quotations called “bei gong she ying” it means the shadow of arrow mapping in the cup like snake. This literary quotation fully illustrates the mental factors play a very important role in people’s mood and health. “bei gong she ying” originate from the “Jin Shu--Le Guang Zhuan”. Le Guang invited his guest to come a feast. The arrow was hanging on the wall, the shadow of the bow was reflected  in  the cup because of the light, and the shadow of the bow was waggling in the cup. The guest thought the shadow of bow is a snake, after he drunk the wine, he found the snake was disappear. He thought he swallowed the snake. Therefore, he fell in sick because of the fear. The disease lasted long time after he seeks a lot of treatment. After Leguang knew that, told him you didn’t swallow the snake, the snake is the shadow of the bow on the wall. After the guest heard of that, he recovered immediately. So the disease same as the “Bei gong she ying” is called mental factors in medical term. In another words, it’s the emotional status. The mood is various types in human being. The traditional Chinese medical divide it to seven types, for example, joy, anger, worry, anxiety, sadness, fear, fright. It referred to the seven emotions, which is important factors in the treatment. Foe example, excessive joy injures the heart, anger injures the liver, anxiety injures the spleen, sadness injures the lungs, fear injures the kidneys etc.

Based on the statistics, one of the scholars found many factors will cause vitiligo. They found the mental risk factor is about 35% cases. Some of them maybe mental irritation, too much mental strains, too depressed of the mind. The vitiligo became worse for the most of the vitiligo patient, It’s related to the mental strain, or too much mental stress, the mood is down, or depressed, Pessimistic disappointment, Sleep disorder etc.

Why the mental factor may induce the vitiligo?

We know that, the melanin cells originate from the embryonic of neural crest. And the study shows that one of the substance (melatonin) inhibit the synthesis of the melanin in the central nervous system. In normal condition, it maintain a dynamic balance with the MSH, the MSH is secreted by the pituitary gland. When melatonin is secreted too much, it will inhibit the formation of the vitiligo.

Obviously, when the mental is stimulated, emotion highly intense, over stress, the melatonin will increase secretion. 


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