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Why the Incidence of Vitiligo is Increasing

the causes of vitiligoThe incidence rate in our China now is very high at present, the average incidence rate is even have 0.2 percentage points higher than the average rate in the world. Why the incidence of vitiligo in China is so high? Vitiligo is a kind of common acquired pigment loss skin disease, it have the symptom of limited or generalized pigment loss, this disease happened in every part of the world, it can involved every races, the high incidence of vitiligo is closely related to the factors I will mention below.

1. The mental pressure is increasing year by year.

Because the pace of life in modern society is increasing, the life pressures of everyone is amounting, especially those people live in big cities, a series of problems in front of them such as economic crisis, could’ d afford to buy a house, is hard to hunt a job and so on, all these pressures make them could not afford to relax themselves, the suffer from much pressure even exceed them assistance. Their body of course will have some problems accompany with these burdens, many people have problems like immune system disorder, nerve system function problems, endocrine disorder and so on, it cause the onset and development of vitiligo. According to clinical statistics, most of the vitiligo patients have more or less mental problems, this mainly caused by the vitiligo disfigured their appearance. Their appearance damaged by vitiligo will make them suffer from many unjust treatment in their work, life and study, this why vitiligo patients easy to have mental pressure than normal people.

2. Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious.

With the fast development of industry in recent years, the waste gas, water, automobile exhaust and other pollutants discharged by industries largely increased in recent years, these pollutants contains many substances harm to our body, when we contact with these substances, it will directly irritated to our skin even will cause the relapse of vitiligo; if the polluted water entered our body, it will damage our digest systems, internal organs, the heavy metal even will damage our melanin pigment cells.

Not only the industry pollution, the foods pollution also can cause the onset of vitiligo. The poisonous milk powder, illegal cooking oil, black steamed buns and so on these incidents occurred often make us frightened, not only these, many foods we eat often also contains large amount of addictive agent it also have great damage to our body, these toxins contains a variety of hormones, all these can induce the occurrence or relapse of vitiligo. The medical research proved that the environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious is one of the important factors cause the incidence of vitiligo is on the rise.

3. How to do a good job in vitiligo prevent.

How to prevent the onset of vitiligo in nowadays to decrease the number of vitiligo patients is the most discussed topic in recent year. What we need to do to decrease the incidence of vitiligo.

1. Decrease the intake of the contaminated foods in our life, correct the bad dietary habits such as unbalanced diet, avoid eat or eat less junk foods, make a scientific dietary recipe, keep enough nutrition intake is especially important for children. The vegetables and fruits should washed again and again before you eat, if the time permit, you can immerse them into the water for about 15 to 30 minutes and rinse it in the running water before you eat them, the fruits can peeled you can peeled before you eat.

2. Decrease the inhale of harmful gas, when you do exercise in the morning do the spots, you need to choose a place full of fresh air.

3. Pay attention to labor protection, decrease the directly contact with chemical raw materials, paint coating, heavy metal salts and other toxic substances.

4. Pay attention to the pollutants caused by the house decoration. The decoration materials often contains formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other toxic substances, there also radioactive substances contains in the floor bricks and marbles, it can cause much damage to many systems and organs in our body. In the three months after the house decorated, it is not suitable for people to live in, you should often keep the house you live ventilating.


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