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What Factors Can Worsen Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is an acquired depigmentation skin disease, it have the symptoms appear in the skin is generalized melanin pigment loss, is caused by the tyrosinase activity decreased or disappeared in the melanin pigment cells in the skin and hair follicles caused the disease change in the epidermal skin, it appear in the skin is pigment loss in the skin. This disease can appeared in difference races, generally speaking, the people with whiter skin complexion have lower disease incidence rate, the people with darker skin complexion have higher incidence rate.

In this article, I’d like to introduce the factor can worsen vitiligo.

1. Climate and seasons

Part of vitiligo patient’s vitiligo will worsen in the late spring and early summer, will relieved in the winter, because the sunlight is more gentle and temperature higher in the spring and summer, the blood circulation of our body will accelerate, but the qi and blood in the vitiligo parts blood circulation not normal will cause the skin lesion area extended and finally might appear new vitiligo in our skin.  

2. Lack of trace elements

First the disorder of endocrine and immune system might cause some pathogenic factors such as chemical substances and heavy metal toxic materials take advantage of this can finally cause our body immune function disorder, the endocrine function unbalanced produce the anti melanin pigment cells antibody finally cause the damage of the melanin pigment and finally cause the disease.

The damaged melanin pigment cells can release antibody again, stimulate the body to release more anti melanin cells antibody, make more pigment cells damaged and finally formed vicious circle, cause the disease further developed. Human immune system response reaction is a relatively complex physiological and pathological process. In addition to long time mental pressure, mental trauma also can cause our body neurohumour adjustment and endocrine disorder finally cause the disease.

The one we also need to pay attention to is the lack of trace elements also can induce vitiligo: some trace elements is the active substance as a inter link can participate in body’s metabolism such as copper zinc, selenium, iodine and so on, they can directly participate in synthesis of melanin, it also have the effect of protect melanin pigment cells free from heavy metal poison damage.

3. Vitamin C

At present we holds excessive intake of vitamin C can influence melanin synthesis in many aspects and finally induce disease change, vitiligo patients should decrease the intake of vitamin C. There’s no clear evidence to prove the vitiligo and induce or worsen vitiligo, there are several opinions why vitiligo patients should avoid excessive intake vitamin C:

(1) Vitamin C can reduce dopaquinone that can synthesize the melanin pigment into dopa quickly and stop the melanin pigment biosynthetic process.

(2) Vitamin C can maintain Thiol enzyme activity, promote the synthesis of sulfhydryl compound.

(3) Vitamin C and promote the production of antibody and over generated cells and so on, can worsen vitiligo auto immune reaction, inhibit the regeneration and division of the melanin pigment cell’s storage cavern without melanin function melanin pigment in the hair follicle and directly influence the treatment effects.   

(4) Vitamin C can decrease the activity of copper-oxygenase in our blood serum and influence the tyrosinase activity make the melanin pigment synthesis decreased.  

4. Abuse the drugs

Part of the patients desperate to find a cure for their disease, use some irritate medicines blindly will not only worsen the illness state but also can add more difficulty to the norms clinical treatments, this is also one of the factors cause this disease recurrence rate is very high. So we suggest the patients should go to a normal specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo, must not search for a cure blindly and finally averse your illness state.

5. External injuries factor

Burns, scald, trauma, surgery and other external injuries also can cause the local skin melanin pigment damage and cause the loss of the melanin pigment and induce vitiligo, finally worsen the illness state.

6. Mental factors

Part of the vitiligo patients long time in a negative mood state after they known they have vitiligo, they feel depressed, over anxious, unstable mood state can stimulate central nerve system, through nerve endocrine system and finally cause the disorder of endocrine system finally can induce the worsen or spread of this disease.

7. The inflammation in our body

The pathological exudates formed by all kinds of germs, virus, fungus, pathogenic microorganisms, degenerated, necrosis tissue cells can release many kinds of antigen substance induce the immune reaction of the body. In the process of inflammation immune reaction will release varies inflammatory medium, cell factor, inteleukin and other substances, these substances can damage the melanin pigment cells, the damaged melanin pigment cells can induce the formation of anti melanin cell’s antibody and finally worsen the immune reaction.


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