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Does Smoking Cause Vitiligo

dose vitiligo patient can smokingWhether smoking can induce vitiligo? This is a controversial issue, but smoking does no good to vitiligo patients is definitely. In this article, I’d like to introduce some experts opinions to you for your reference. Most of the experts think smoking can induce vitiligo, it’s one of the vitiligo causes.

There are many toxic chemical substances contained in the tobaccos, mainly nicotine, tar, varies polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon PAHs, carbon monoxide and many other heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel, lead, arsenic and so on. Has the strong toxicity to many systems and organs of our body, it can reduce the oxygen content in our blood, decreased the immunity and finally induce cancer and other disease in our body. Nicotine can obstruct our blood circulation and cause the melanin pigment cell damaged. Once the melanin pigment cells damaged can induce the occurrence of the vitiligo in our skin.

So we suggest vitiligo patients abstain the tobaccos, the pathogens of vitiligo is not very clear at present, over pressure, decrease of immunity, disorder of endocrine, external injuries, genetic gene, infection, copper ion, relatively lack of tyrosinase and many other factors can induce vitiligo. If you blindly treat your vitiligo without make clear what cause your vitiligo might can reduce your vitiligo symptoms temperately but after a period time of taken medicine, the effects will become more and more weak even your vitiligo will continue to extend, so the doctor must make treatment plan after they known their patients symptoms and do a good job in test, treat according to the symptoms can effectively control your vitiligo.

Smoking can cause vitiligo because vitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease after birth, it main symptoms is local skin whiten and gradually enlarged, the boundary of vitiligo is clear, the surface is smooth, have no furfur. There are many factors can cause vitiligo, so only come to normal specialized vitiligo hospital to systematically diagnose and treat your vitiligo, find out the true pathogen of vitiligo, can your vitiligo have the chance to be cured.

Vitiligo treatment principle is early found early treatment.

In the period of vitiligo treatment, you also can not smoking, smoking not only endangered patients life but also can indirectly interrupt the medicine metabolism, influence the treatment of vitiligo finally adversely affected your illness. So we suggest vitiligo patients abstain smoking in the period of vitiligo.

The nicotine in the tobacco once excessive intake can influence the liver’s metabolic enzyme systems, seriously impact the medicine absorption and finally affect your treatment results. In addition to this, excessively smoking can consume too much mineral substances and necessary nutrition in our body and indirectly impact the treatment results. So we suggest vitiligo patients do not smoking.


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