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The factors induced vitiligo

vitiligo causesI believe we all familiar with vitiligo. It is a common skin disease in our daily life. The symptoms of this disease serous damaged their appearance and someone will discriminate vitiligo patients, this brought severe impact for their social contact and also cause huge mental pressure to them.

But most people still don’t known what cause the vitiligo, now I’d like to detailed introduce this to you.

1. The lack of trace elements, immunity

The trace elements include zinc, copper, iodine and so on can participate in our body metabolism, the lack of trace elements play the role of synthesize the pigment cell will cause the occurrence of vitiligo. Because trace elements can avoid the poison damage the pigment cell, if the deficiency or imbalance of some trace elements will cause the obstruction of pigment cell synthesis.

Anti melanocyte antibody produced by the endocrine disordered, it can not identity autologous pigment cells make the anti agent and anti body occur immune reaction cause the autologous pigment cells damaged make the autologous pigment cells finally formed into local vitiligo.

2. Genetic gene

According to the research found, the vitiligo have genetic gene and can atavistic. So even the parents of vitiligo patients have no vitiligo, but there are family members in their parents family have vitiligo history, the patients vitiligo have great chance belongs to heredity.

3. External injuries, external skin irritations

Some external injuries such as burns, frostbiting, surgery and so on will damage the melanin cells cause local skin become white even might cause vitiligo far away from the original vitiligo. If you have would, you must handle it properly, because the excitability change or immune system disorder can cause generalized, sporadic vitiligo.

Some external skin irritations such as pressure, friction, scratching and so on also can cause vitiligo. Such as some patients with eyeglasses will have vitiligo on both sides of the bridges of the nose and ears. It caused by melanocyte damage with it’s spreading will cause immune function disorder and cause vitiligo on other parts.



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