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Three pathogens of Vitiligo-cells, blood and mental state

vitiligo pathogensWhy cells, blood and mental state are the short spots of vitiligo? Because our body is made up with cells, almost all the diseases are the abnormal representation of the structure and function of our cells, vitiligo is also the same case. Although vitiligo is related to the cytopathic effect the cell can not live by themselves, the living in a abundant and complex blood environment, the biological factor the cell function to receive hormone out of control, and this bioactive factors can play their normal effect through blood transfer to the related cells.

As we all known that melanocytes and nerve cells together come into being in the initial neuroderm and later transferred to distribute to the basal layer of epidermis. Melanophore still keep the same tree branch shape cell structure like the nerve cells, will respond to emotion and psychology. The influence of mental factor to vitiligo is lager than other diseases. We can say that if you the three aspects of the vitiligo pathogens, we can say we find out the three short spots of vitiligo.

The one short spot: cells

The cell are the first member in three nuclear members. The research indicates that the pathogens of vitiligo includes the external injuries, over tired, mental factors, sunburn, pregnancy and delivery, infection, directly contact with chemical and toxic substances all can induce the damage of melanophore. The melanin cell is the only place for the melanin synthesis, any other reason will lead to the damage and self destructed of melanophore and cause the half or total lose of the function of melanophore make the decrease and lack of the melanin synthesis.

The second short spot: blood

I mentioned from above about the bioactive factors transferred to the relative cells through blood vessels. In the 1938, the aboard scholars put up with the opinion that vitiligo was caused by the insufficient of copper element. Many reports and our daily experience indicates that the value of copper and ceruloplasmin in the blood and skin of vitiligo patients is much lower than the normal people that cause the tyrosinase activity decreased and infect the metabolism of melanin pigment. In recent years, the scholars from both home and abroad do depth research about the micro element like copper and vitiligo, the molecule biology research uncovered that the micro elements in our body can integrated with protein and other organic group form the enzyme, hormone, microorganism and biomacromolecule.

The three short spot: psychological

Vitiligo main representation is the depigmentation cause the white patches on our skin seriously damage their appearance and cause different degrees of mental obstacles. Localized and generalized totally loss of melanin pigment, it’s the typical common skin disease. At present the etiology and pathogen of vitiligo future research, because this disease can severely damage the vitiligo patient’s appearance. We observed and analyzed the vitiligo patient’s mental factors. The mental factors include endocrine factor and neuropsychical factor.


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