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Mental Pressure Can Induce Vitiligo

mental pressure can induce vitiligoWe all want to find out the true cause of vitiligo because it is very important for the vitiligo treatment, nowadays with life pace faster and faster, many people have different diseases, in this article, I’d like to talk about whether high pressure can cause vitiligo.

Vitiligo is one of  the three stubborn skin diseases in the world, according to the report, one of the famous director in our China was blow by vitiligo. Journalist interviewed many dermatologists and known that although vitiligo is only a pure skin disease will never endanger vitiligo patient's life but will heavenly blow their confidence in their real life. The experts indicates that the genetic and immune factors are all non-human factors, the mental pressure and nerve strain can induce the occurrence of vitiligo.

The research found that the onset of the vitiligo is related to heredity and mental factors.

Long term mental pressure is one of the inducements of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a common pigment disease, the average people onset rate is around 2/1000. The doctors told the reporter that this disease have features like localized or generalized depigmentation formed white patches. Teenager occupies most, the patients under 20 occupied about 50% among the whole number of vitiligo patients. He point out that the main reasons cause vitiligo related to the disorder of our immune system, genetic factor, environmental problems, food contamination but there one thing specially worthy our attention is the neuropsychological factors. Immune system, genetic factor, environmental problem and other factors are all non-man factors, but the neuropsychological factor is closely related to our behaviors.

The clinical observation and inquiry found that the peak of onset and spread of vitiligo appear when we have highest pressure in our work and study such as the university entrance examination eve, the countdown to stay up late to catch the engineering phase, in that time, whether the occurrence or onset of vitiligo will speed up. The doctor told reporter that although only mental pressure is impossible lead to vitiligo but it is one of the adding factor to induce, aggravate and promote the vitiligo. This is because mental pressure will finally cause the immune system disorder and can induce the disease to the crowd who have this disease foundation.

The sun dose not necessarily result in vitiligo.

A lot of people think the sun also can cause the vitiligo onset, but different experts have different opinions about these. Some people think the onset of vitiligo is related to the immune system disorder, the immune system have problem to secrete melanin finally cause the decrease of melanophore and appear vitiligo, the ultraviolet ray is exactly the one can stimulate the synthesis of melanin and even can finally treat these disease effectively so we can not think exposed to the sunlight can induce vitiligo of course we can not rule out some people indeed should avoid sunlight to prevent the disease because the pathogens of vitiligo still unclear so the conclusions is not united, she said.

Vitiligo is family genetic predispositions.

If in the range of three direct lines and three collateral lines of one family have vitiligo patients, so the other family members in that family have the much higher rate to have vitiligo than the average people. Dating back to the vitiligo family history, we found there are more than one person in about 15% to 20% of these family.

The experts introduce that we can not determine whether the vitiligo can pass on tho the new born baby. Generally speaking, the new born baby is healthy and rosy just as the normal baby but it might took a period of time to gradually have relevant symptoms of this disease. Most will have vitiligo symptoms after they in the puberty or even after middle age will have vitiligo, so it’s hard to known which one in the family might genetic this disease. But some pinion hold that the balanced nutritional diet in the pregnant period can effectively decrease the baby vitiligo onset rate.

The experts think that the vitiligo patients can have baby but should pay attention to children’ s diet habits, living, studying and combine work with rest, avoid long term over exposure to the sunlight, decrease their psychological burdens, their morbidity rate well largely decreased.

How to prevent vitiligo?

The experts point out that there are now targeted preventive way for vitiligo, so we could only do from our daily life, diet habits and other aspects, the experts provide several ways for your reference:

1. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten after repeated washing, if time permit, you can soak them in the water for about 15 to 30 minutes and then eaten after washing it, the fruit can be peeled then peeled it.

2. Do morning exercise or other spots activities, you should try to choose some place full with fresh air.

3. Do a good job in labor protection, decrease the directly contact with chemical raw materials, paint coatings, heavy metal salts and other noxious substances.

4. Pay attention to the pollution caused by home decoration. The decoration materials contain formaldehyde, ammonia gas, benzene and other toxic substances, the radioactive substances contains in the ground bricks, marbles can cause multi-systems, multi-organs damaged. After the decoration of our new house we should moved in after empty it three months and maintain constant ventilation after you moved in.

5. Keep positive emotions and pay attention to timely adjust and alleviate your mental pressure, keep the balance of your work and study.


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