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Bad Habits Induce Vitiligo

bad habits induce vitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease in our life, it does great harm to vitiligo patients, people should pay attention to this disease, it is import to do the positive prevent job in our daily life, the first step is to know about the pathogens of vitiligo. So what bad habits is the cause of vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to introduce some bad habits might induce vitiligo.

How many bad habits can induce vitiligo?

1. Excessive whitening: nowadays many people like skin whitening, of course this is the things of human nature. But excessively whitening will hurt your skin, such as frequently do frosted or do some chemical peeling will let the horny layer of the skin lost, the skin will become sensitive, even the chemical elements will stimulate and damage the melanophore make melanophore’ s regeneration and differentiation cycle changed induce vitiligo.

2. Long time over exposure to the sunlight: many friends are not very careful in their usual life, often over exposure to the sunlight, long time ultraviolet irradiation will make the melanin cell’s hyper function, serious will cause the skin burned and peeled cause local autonomic nerve structure damaged, the melanin cells damaged, the synthesis of the cells decreased cause the occurrence and development of vitiligo.

3. Excessive partiality for a particular kind of food: excessive partiality for a particular kind of food also can cause vitiligo, so we must pay attention to reasonable diet in our daily dietary. Do not eat those foods harmful to our health such as carbonated beverage, cookies and potato chips, fried food, stings, hot pot, little sweet more numerous, the more wealthy one’s family is, the more partial eclipse they are, will caused the unbalanced proportion of micro elements in our body and induce the immunity function decreased provide a good living environment for vitiligo.  4.a preference for thick makeup: in daily life many women have a preference for thick makeup that also can cause vitiligo. Because there are many makeups contain much metal substances, the skin long time covered by thick makeups make the skin can not breath well, failed to remove all makeups make the coloring matters and poisonous substances in the makeups residue on the surface of the skin even penetrate into the skin will cause the skin metabolism disordered finally make it very disadvantage to the vitiligo treatment.


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