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Why Do People Get Vitiligo

why do people have vitiligoThe vitiligo morbidity is increased every year, many people want to know why, in this article, I will talk about the causes of vitiligo from three aspects for your reference. First, I’d like to introduce the some basic knowledge about vitiligo to you. Beijing CASU TCM vitiligo hospital experts points out that vitiligo is a common postnatal pigment loss disease, it appeared as limited or generalized melanin loss. This disease can happen at any part of the world, involved all nations. According to statistics, the world vitiligo incidence rate is about 0.3% to 3.8% , generally speaking, the people with shallow complexions have lower incidence, while the people with dark complexions have higher incidence.

1. Age factor

Teenage onset vitiligo often related to mental factor and immune system disorder. Puberty, menarche, pregnancy, antenatal and postpartum, senium, the onset of menopause or waves of symptoms all related to neuroendocrine, pancreas and other digestyoung and middle aged patients always have complications such as thyroid, liver, stomach, pancreas and other digestive organs diseases increased certain difficulty to the treatment. Aged patients with tissue cell physiological declined, the number of dopamine positive melanophore in their skin decreased, the treatment effect is poorer. Especially those menopause women, their illness always hard to control and the treatment effect is even poorer. But the male and female patients after the menopause often receive very good treatment effect even out of their expectation because they are more sensitive to immunoregulator, activating blood circulation herbs.

2. Seasonal factor

Vitiligo have obvious relationship with season. There are reference report that this disease have highest incidence in spring, then in summer, third in fall, lowest in winter. Many patients often attacked or aggravated in the spring or end of spring. The main reason is related to ultraviolet ray, in the one hand the weather in the spring is dry, the ultraviolet ray penetrating ability is strong, the amount of the ray reached to the ground is large; on the other hand, after winter, people’s adaptation is in the low level, so the proportion of sunlight skin diseases increased in the late spring or early summer, vitiligo morbidity increased at the same time. the patient’s vitiligo occurrence in the spring always related to their diet, work and rest, mood swing during the spring festival. Of course we can not rule out the temperature, pressure, humidity and other natural factors in different seasons influence the internal environment cause the change of our neuroendocrine. What we need to point out is there are some patients with vitiligo on their hands always complain their illness state aggravated in the summer, reduced or disappeared in the winter, relapsed in the summer. These phenomenon appeared because the normal skin pigment depth changed around the vitiligo in different seasons cause the white spots and normal skin color contrast changed form the visual error.

3. Irregular work and rest factor

The onset of vitiligo is related to irregular work and rest. There are a large number of vitiligo patients work on light operation or shift work operating because of professional relationship; some engaged in the office clerical workers often work overtime in the light; in addition to patients with rich light life all produce the obvious effect to the onset and waves of symptoms. The vitiligo might induced by the nueroendocrine disordered which caused by irregular work and rest influence the biological disordered.

Many people do not have so much knowledge of vitiligo so they will feel bind to treat when they have vitiligo, in fact it is not necessary for us to worry too much, the healthy mental state is very important for your recovery. Second if you go to the normal specialized vitiligo hospital to receive symptomatic treatment, in that way you can effectively prevent and treat vitiligo.


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