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Vitiligo Symptoms and Causes in 2006

Vitiligo is still the search direction in the medical filed at present, there are still no feasible way to swallow vitiligo virus in the world. Vitiligo virus is stubborn and hard to decompose, it can swallow the melanin pigment cells and cause the skin disorder. According to the expert’s researches indicates that about 80% vitiligo patient’s during the illness are easily infectious other complications make the patients suffered a lot. So why the modern people easy to get vitiligo? Whether vitiligo can be prevented in advance? Aimed at these problems, our experts make some explanations in the follow:

1. The endocrine factor in our body

According to the medical expert say: 64% vitiligo patients exist serious endocrine problems, their endocrine adjust obstructed can cause vitiligo disease. Thyroid is the link in our endocrine systems, if the thyroid secretion disordered can appear over secretion problems so it can cause the melanin pigment cells decreased in our body, the skin color will become shallow; second is the modern people’s life pace is too fast, their emotion is easy to up and downs, over excited or sad can cause the endocrine problems. The endocrine system disorder can easily produce many cells resistance of melanin pigment cells and trigger vitiligo. So the experts advice us to keep usual mind, eat healthy, walk happily. If you could do these, you can stay away from vitiligo.

2. Environmental pollution

Nowadays, the industry and agriculture in our country is developed very fast so cause a certain degree environmental pollution. According to the report: there are over 60% of population in our china owned private car, the vehicles every year will discharge a lot of sulfur dioxide gas caused huge burden to our environment. The industry production discharge waste water and waste residue contains a lot of toxic agents, lead, mercury, benzene and so on these toxic chemical substances can pollute the fresh water resources in our country. So if people long term drink flavor water, long term exhale and inhale toxic gas must will lead to vitiligo virus and other virus invade into our body. The expert suggest that people can choose the residence with tranquil environment and fresh are, choose clean and sanitary food to eat, do not eat inferior, exceed standard and other problem food, only you do this can you live a healthy and happy life forever.  3. Micro elements problems.

There are many tissue systems in our body need all kinds of nutritional elements, so people need to comprehensively intake different nutritional ingredients to satisfy the need our body. Micro element is also the absolutely necessary nutritional ingredients in our body like calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and other elements are necessary for our body, these elements can formed into the protective layer to prevent other poison metal invasion. So the insufficient of micro elements can generate many cell resistance of melanocytes and lead to the vitiligo illness. The experts suggests that the average people must have a balanced diet in their daily life, they can properly eat fruits and vegetables, sea vegetables, laver, chicken and duck, fish and meat and so on to build a throng protective layer.

The average people should keep a healthy life habits, enhance exercise, build strong body to stay away from all kinds of diseases. The vitiligo patients should even more cultivate a rigor healthy habits, keep a usual mood, face illness positively to regenerate yourself. At present our home experts positively do the research about vitiligo virus try their best to solve this medical crux to benefit the vitiligo patients.


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