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Vitiligo Causes of Loss of Skin Pigment

We all known that vitiligo is a skin disease caused by the melanin pigment apoptosis or decrease cause the white patches in our skin, if you want to treat vitiligo, you must repigment the apoptosis melanin pigment cells, how to regipment the apoptosis melanin pigment cells? We must treat melanin pigment living environments, you must want to known what is the melanin pigment cell production environments? That is the internal organs, qi and blood, micro circulation disorder, and endocrine system. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of this to you.

The melanin cells living environment destroyed can cause vitiligo that means the disorder of qi and blood, endocrine system, micro circulation, internal organs, lack of micro elements and so on, if we want to treat vitiligo, we must treat the melanin pigment living environments.

The melanin pigment living environment one is qi and blood, we use traditional Chinese medicine combine western medicine to treat vitiligo, we not only have Chinese patent medicine extract from pure natural herbal medicine, with high safety, without side effects, quick effect, effect for long time, to adjust qi and blood in our body.

The melanin pigment living environment two is micro circulation, we use traditional Chinese medicated bath to adjust our micro circulation, we gasify the medicine and let our skin absorb the medicine in the temperature around 30-40 for about 20 minutes to improve our body’s micro circulation, our skin to absorb medicine have good effect than to absorb medicine through your month, because we use the skin pores to absorb medicine can avoid the medicine stimulate to our stomach, and the skin pores can absorb more thoroughly.

The melanin pigment environment three is the micro elements, one of the reason cause the melanin pigment environment destroyed is the lack of micro elements such as zinc and copper, so you need to supply micro elements, so you need to supply cooper and zinc.

The melanin pigment living environment four is the internal organs disorder, we use the comprehensive treatment to treat vitiligo, combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and with large scale import medical device.

Melanin pigment living environment is closely related to the occurrence of vitiligo, we must pay special attention to these areas.

There are some factors also can cause vitiligo, such as external injuries, over exposure to the sunlight, lack of micro elements such as zinc and copper. So in our daily life we also should avoid these factors.

I offer you some suggestion such as avoid eat or eat less food contains vitamin C, because the vitamin C is the reducing agent, it will reduce melanin pigment into colorless substances influence the synthesis of melanin pigment, you should exposed to sunlight properly but do not over exposure to the sunlight, because properly exposed to the sunlight can help the synthesis of the melanin pigment, because the ultraviolet is helpful for the melanin pigment synthesis, but over exposure to the sunlight can hurt your skin. Eat more food contains copper element such as walnuts. Wish all the vitiligo patients recover quickly.


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