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White Patches in Skin Causes, Symptoms

vitiligo causesVitiligo is a common melanin pigment apoptosis or decreased disease caused by the disappear of the melanin pigment cell function, it can appear in whole body at any age, the symptom is white patches. The vitiligo have great influence to patients, it not only can disturb patient’s appearance but also have many influences to the patient’s life and leave serious shadow to patients mental. So the vitiligo pathogens included what? in this article, I'd like to introduce the causes to you.

One is external injuries. The external injuries in our daily life can cause vitiligo. The injuries in our daily life not only can make the topical skin white but also can cause the part far from the damaged skin have vitiligo, it occurrence mechanism is the melanin pigment cells damaged not only can trigger the immunity function disorder and cause vitiligo but also can make the cut appear many anitibodies anti the melanin pigment, damaged the normal pigment cells around the vitiligo cause the melanin pigment loss in the lesion skin area.

Two is over exposure to the sunlight. Over sunbath or excessive sunburn will cause vitiligo, the vitiligo easily appear on the exposed area or skin with deeper color. Long time exposure to the sunlight will make the melanin pigment cells in the skin tissue hurt by the ultraviolet cause the melanin pigment excessive active, damage the melanin pigment cell itself.

Three is do not pay attention to diet. In the daily life if you do not pay attention to your diet can cause vitiligo. The vitamin C too much will inhibit dopa oxidase make the melanin pigment reduced to colorless substance and make the melanin pigment turn into water soluble gelatinous material make the melanin pigment formation decreased. The micro elements is melanin pigment synthesis important material and take on the effect of protect melanin pigment cells avoid suffer form the damage of heavy metal poison. The long term diet is not reasonable, partial eclipse, particular about food and other negative dietary habits can cause the unbalance of nutrients in our body, the insufficient of microelements can also decrease the synthesis of melanin pigment cause the vitiligo appearance.

Four is mental pressure. Spirit over strain can also cause vitiligo, there are many factors cause mental stress such as car accident, prang and other emergencies, economical problems, family dispute, disappointed in a love affair, lost one’s job, entrance test and other factors. The emotion appeared as terrified, angry, impatient, insomnia, thinks too much and so on.


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