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How does Vitiligo Start

How does vitiligo start this question is now well concerned by vitiligo patients, in this article, I’d like to briefly introduce some basic knowledge about how does vitiligo start for your inference, I hope after my introduction you will have a better understanding about this problem.

According to the researches from all kinds of research agencies and all kinds of research reports indicates that vitiligo already become the giant among skin disease patients. From some research reports about vitiligo, we can see the number of vitiligo patients in our country is very large, there are 20000000 vitiligo patients in our china, occupied 0.16% in our 1.3 billion population. If you only see this proportion is very small and do not need worried about, but the population base in our country is very large, put this proportion in our whole population, this number is very large. But what makes use astonished is that this number dose not diminished with the time goes by. The truth is cruel, the number of vitiligo patients in our country will add at least 100000, corresponds with this number is 16000000 new born population every year in our country, the proportion is 0.12%, this two numbers compare with each other we can see how serous of the vitiligo this kind of skin disease was. Because vitiligo is a kind of skin disease, so it will appear in patient’s skin, if it not treat effectively, people’s skin will gradually infected by vitiligo and become more and more ugly, in that time, even the body who do not care much about their appearance not dare to go out of the door casually let alone the female care much about their appearance.  

From the above describe, we have already known the huge threat and it spread, so how many people known how does vitiligo start? This disease pathogen is what? There are several opinions in the present medical field. The first one is it produced by genetic factor. In the research about vitiligo, people found that even the new born twins have the possibility to have this disease, even have the possible that there are several generations in one family have vitiligo, so the scientific workers holds that the heredity must have great influence to vitiligo. Some researches also indicates that there are some sites related to the vitiligo start and it genetic in human genes. The second saying is that vitiligo start related to autoimmunity. The scientific workers found a phenomenon in vitiligo research, that the vitiligo have combined action with autoimmunity, the effect is analogy with chemical synthetic reaction. If test the vitiligo patient’s serum, we can find many antibodies that should not appear in the normal people’s body. The third saying is it caused by neurochemistry. Clinical research found there are many vitiligo patients at the early stage have many mental diseases such anxiety, intensive concentration, mood change fast, happy in a moment and upset at the other moment.

The main causes of vitiligo is mentioned above, of course there are other sayings. The vitiligo can brought many problems and can not afford to ignore the threat it brought. In fact there are at least 50% is teenager under 20 in more than 20000000 vitiligo patients. It is obvious that vitiligo this disease began to spread to teenager, the middle and old ages not longer it main targets. Only if we known it pathogen can we treat it right to get rid of this disease from the root. o we must learn some basic knowledge of vitiligo. Even the normal people will suffer from the threat of vitiligo. So in front of the truth, we can not ignored it or give it up.


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