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Vitiligo and Stress

vitiligo and stressOver mental stress will trigger the occurrence of vitiligo, many patients have great metal pressure after they have vitiligo, but what need to remind is that too much mental pressure trigger vitiligo is very common in clinical. So if the patients want to treat vitiligo it is very important to release their mental pressures. Even they get better after treatment also need to prevent too much mental pressure trigger vitiligo. So a positive mental state is the precondition to treat the vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to introduce vitiligo briefly.

Vitiligo will occur in exposed area in most cases such as hands, face, neck, front breast and back, the vitiligo distribute mixed with the normal skin in the around, it is the absolute damage to their appearance, so most of the vitiligo patients have some mental problems such as depression, refuse to associate with others, self-abased, so in the vitiligo treatment, the mental treatment is also important.

Over mental pressure will trigger vitiligo this factor can not ignored. So it is important to have right mental counseling, it is necessary to treat vitiligo, only if you treat vitiligo with positive, confidence mental state, your vitiligo can be stabled.

Vitiligo is a skin disease influence one’s appearance: it influence patient’s live, study, work and marriage. Vitiligo is easier to suffer from social discrimination, I think it is not easy for us to talk about vitiligo mental treatment, what I need to point out is vitiligo patients must learn to open their heart because the mental state also can influence vitiligo treatment.

Too much mental pressure will trigger vitiligo that is certainly. Some vitiligo patients do not known how to protect themselves after have vitiligo, they can only hide their self-abased and fear mentality, lack of full knowledge of the vitiligo, have low spirit, they have mental pressure, fear emotion, this negative emotions have great influence for their recovery, because these factors will make the endocrine lose it balance, their resistance decreased, the important factor cause the patient’s vitiligo is the melanin pigment synthesis was destroyed, so the vitiligo is easy to spread and worsen bring difficult to treatment. So to treat vitiligo better, the patient need to keep positive mood.

When we get vitiligo, we need to face it positively, that will help to our treatment; if we can not face it with negative emotion it will have bad treatment effect.

1. Clinically indicates that there are about 30-40 patients in 100 vitiligo patients suffered from mental trauma and heavy mental pressure before they have vitiligo, such as work pressure, study pressure and the bad news in life. These factors comprehensively interacted with each other will easily trigger the vitiligo. So you must pay attention to keep a good mood, do not care too much about personal gain or lose.

2. Because vitiligo is a disease difficult to treat, many patients will have depression and anxiety emotion in the treatment that will worsen the vitiligo, vitiligo patients need to overcome these negative emotions, try to communicate with their family members and doctor, vent out their internal emotion timely, they also can cry aloud to let these negative emotion go. Vitiligo patients need to spare a quarter every day to think silently, experience and feel about their inside and outside beautiful world to reduce their anxiety and depression. They also can relax their anxiety feeling through practice calligraphy, listening music and other ways to improve their emotion.  3. Vitiligo patients need to learn more about relative knowledge abut this disease and matters need attention, cooperate with doctor’s treatment, face their disease bravely, adjust the interpersonal relationship, reduce inner conflicts, keep balanced psychology to reduce the mental pressure brought by disease.


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