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What causes vitiligo

The vitiligo pathogen is still unclear at present but can boiled down to the several factors: genetic factor, mental and nerve factors, chemical factor, TRY enzyme, copper ion relatively deficient factor, infectious factor, trauma factor and so on. We will known the onset of vitiligo factors are many and a large portion of the vitiligo patient’s onset factors are many, but a large portion of it can not check out any trigger factors. No matter vitiligo patients have vitiligo in which part will have some relationship with micro circulation.

According to clinical observation, the causes of this disease mainly these aspects in follow part:

One, industrial pollution: industrial discharge polluted the environment is one of the reasons caused the incidence rate increased in recent years. The untreated wasted gases and waters discharged by industrial production and increasing discharged tail gases contains much harmful materials to our health

Two, agricultural pollution: drugs abuse in the crops production such as over use chemicals like pesticide, bactericide, ripner and so on, the over use growth hormone to feed meat poultry, this growth hormone will remain in the poultry will cause negative effect to our health.

Three, snack foods and beverage all have obvious influence to their body development, the reasons are:

1. Interrupt their normal dietary, the snack foods and beverage sweet and yum, they treat it as the snacks eat all the time, with the time goes dby, they can not eat dinner according to the normal time will interrupt their dietary.

2. Long time eat these foods will have negative effects to your spleen and stomach because most of the snack foods and beverage belongs to sweet foods, the traditional Chinese medicine think the long time eat sweet foods will cause the stomach hot stagnant, the appetite decreased even will cause they form the habit of anorexia, snacking. Long time snacking will caused the nutrient intake deficient, the immunity decreased caused by lack of nutrients, not only influence the body normal development that will cause many disease occurrence.

3. Some snack foods do not reach to the health standard and contains much chemical addictive such as coloring agent, corrosion remover, sweetner and so on, all these can directly cause the damage of their body.

4. Endocrine and immune function disorder: some pathogenic factors such as chemicals and heavy metal poison will lead to body immune function disorder, endocrine function unbalanced produce the melanin cell’s antibody cause the disease because melanin cells damage and loss.

5. Micro elements deficiency: micro elements is the active material anticipate the middle link of body metabolism, such as copper, zinc and son on, they directly participate the melanin cells synthesis and protect the melanin cell free from me heavy metal damage effects.

6. Mental tension factor: the modern life rhythm is fast make part of the people with over mental burden. Longtime mental pressure and spirit over strain all can cause the body endocrine and immune function disorder and finally cause the disease. Moreover, long time overload work pressure, irregular night life and bad habits make the body always in the overtired state is also one of the reasons caused vitiligo.

7. Genetic factor: clinically observation found that only a few cases related to heredity but it can not influence the treatment of this disease.

8. Traditional Chinese principle: traditional Chinese medicine holds that the onset of the vitiligo is the internal and external factors of our body interacted result, the internal factors is the deficiency of liver, spleen and kidney cause the yin and yang unbalanced in our body, deficiency of qi and blood, the damp, hot and wind evil take advantages of these invade our body block the main channels and blood veins, the hair in the skin lack nutrient formed vitiligo.

9. The injury such as burn, scald, knife stab wound, mosquito stings and infectious cause the vitiligo appear in the skin. Vitiligo is the trigger factor, caused disease in the basis of qi and blood in body.


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