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The Harm of Vitiligo

vitiligo harms No matter what kind of disease have a certain degree harm to our body, but we must need to know the harm of a disease such as a disease like vitiligo is common in our daily life, so how many of specific harms to our body? Let us learn about them together, the best expert specialized in vitiligo in China answered us like that.

Vitiligo specific harms to our body?

One of the vitiligo specific harm in our life is influence our normal life. The vitiligo always appear in exposed area in our skin will impact our appearance, the incidence of skin cancer is much higher than average person, this disease will disfigure one’s appearance, suffer some discrimination from others and against patient’s confidence. Although vitiligo will not make you feel uncomfortable or itch, but this disease can appear in any site, if it spread into exposed area will cause serious influence to male patient’s normal study, work, marriage, family, social contact and other aspects. If the vitiligo treat untimely will lead to the emergency of complication such as pernicious anemia, malignant tumor, pelade, cataract, bronchial asthma, psoriasis and so on. These disease is very difficult in the treatment course and have great harm to patient’s body, so the patient must avoid the appearance of complications, go to the normal hospital to check it.

The second harm of vitiligo, patients is sometime avoid to talk about the vitiligo harms, although the vitiligo is more and more obvious in our daily life, the symptoms of vitiligo once spread into the exposed area not only will disfigured your appearance but also influence the patients future life even leads to some patients gradually become withdraw personality, the psychological research shows that vitiligo patients have mental block at different degrees, this not only make huge inconvenience and influence to patient’s normal life, study, social contact, marriage and hunt for a job but also will make the patients easily suffered from external extermination and misunderstood and so on, this will cause huge inconvenience and influence to patient’s mental health, the mental block caused by this will in turn worsen the vitiligo even will make the vitiligo spread very fast.

Vitiligo harm three is physical health damage. The vitiligo will attack only in human skin, vitiligo is caused by melanin pigment apoptosis in our epidermal skin, the vitiligo is sensitive to the ultraviolet in the sunlight lead the melanin pigment loss in skin, once it over exposed to the sunlight or suffered from too much ultraviolet irradiation will cause the patients have red spots and blisters on his lesions and cause the serious self-consciousness pain to the patients. So this kind of vitiligo patients have poor ability to prevent ultraviolet ray and vulnerable to the ultraviolet ray and cause all kinds of diseases. So this kind of vitiligo patients have much higher incidence of have cancer.

Vitiligo routine preventive care:

Preventive care 1. Vitiligo is a skin disease, this disease occurrence is closely related to our body’s immune system so we must take good care of our skin health, avoiding over exposure our skin to the sunlight and try our best to avoid bruise, against, injured after being hurt, gouges, scald, cut, burn and other injuries, in daily life, you must positively elevate your body’s immunity, try your best to elevate your immunity to a higher state and keep it on, do exercise is the most simple and effective way to elevate and keep your immunity, so we’d better keep a good habit of often exercise.

Preventive care 2 is vitiligo occurrence closely related to the closely contact with some materials, make sure your skin will never infected, exercise is the most simple and effective way to elevate your body’s immunity, we’d better reduce ourselves closely contact with some chemical materials, salts, heavy metals, paint coatings and so on, once you can not avoid to contact with that materials, you’d better take the safe and effective preventive measures to make sure your health and safety.

Make sure to cultivate a good habit in your daily life, it is helpful no matter to your body or prevent the vitiligo, the vitiligo patients need to pay attention to this point and wish all the vitiligo patients get back to your health soon.


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