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Children Vitiligo Patients Mental Adjust Features

Children vitiligo patients have some mental problems when they have vitiligo, what common mentality about the children?

(1) Children vitiligo patients common mentality

The change of human relationship: during the diagnose and treat period, the children vitiligo patients will feel uneasy about temporary separate with their family members, will feel lonely when separate with their peers, fear their roles in family, peers, groups, schools environment will changed or lost and always disturbed by these questions that whether they can enter the social life. Because of vitiligo, they disappointed whether they could reach the standard the school or society asked for and will damage to their developing self-esteem. Their mental disturbs represent as behavior degradation (excessive dependence, lose their temper, bed-wetting and so on), separation, anxiety, depression, school phobia and so on.

(2) Dependent and independent:

The parent’s excessive protect and children have no confidence about their ability all can lead to excessive dependence. The independence lose might cause self-esteem decreased and behavior degenerated. The children treat the disease as go to the hospital and can not play with their peers. When they try to win back the feeling of control, they will use some unsuitable way to express their feelings such as refuse to take activities, cry, excessive dependence, lose their temper and some other behaviors that can be tolerate when they are young but with time goes by, the children will gradually grow up, and these behaviors can not acceptable to society make the children and their parents worried about.

(3) social contact or learning ability damaged:

For their appearance disfigured, correlated poverty-stricken, real or imagined sardonic and fear from others will damage their social contact. The inability and fear of any aspect will cause children behavior problems, such as mischievous, excessive dependence, school phobia and so on. The children feel lonely and not fit in may caused by excessive statements and actions of their teachers, such as their teacher decrease the expectation of their study for their illness state can not provide as much as learning chances as other children.

(4) Body image:

School child tend to care about the discomfortableness related with a certain treatment process, the self conscious of their body image lead to the increase of embarrassed and shy, especially a group of doctors surrounded them to check will increase their out of control sense.

(5) worry and anxiety about their illness:

The vitiligo children on this stage can realized the serious of the disease that will cause their anxiety increase, they might think their illness is the result of their actions and thoughts, they fear about their misbehavior might cause their disease repeated.


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