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Mental Factors Have Relevance to Vitiligo

mental factors related with vitiligoWith the medical mode change, the influence function to diseases of mental factors caused widely attention of clinical doctor, in recent years, there are more and more relative research about mental factors and some skin diseases. Clinical observation indicates the mental nerve factors closely related with the occurrence of vitiligo, about 2/3 cases in the occurrence and lesion progressive period related to mental trauma, overwork, anxiety, so vitiligo is a typical dermatology mental and physical disease. Depigmentation is closely related to mental emotions disorder, mental pressure, worries and sadness might be the vitiligo triggers and the vitiligo patients depress and sad, anxious might further worsen the vitiligo development.

The common source of the development of skin and nerve system together decided the relation between mental and skin, vitiligo is always was misdiagnosed as autoimmune function deficiency caused, the catecholamine metabolic byproducts directly related to depigmentation. In 1998, Papadopoulas treat life events how to trigger vitiligo as starting point of research, chosen 100 vitiligo patients with disease history less than 3 years, contract with some patients with pigmental disease have no relevance to mental factors, the result shown, compared with the control group, the vitiligo patients have high rate of suffered from stressful events before the vitiligo onset especially bereaved, relatives divorced, trauma, disabled, diet and sleep habit changed, over 40% vitiligo patients have relatives or good friends passed away before the onset of vitiligo, over 25% of vitiligo patients changed their residences, that is life environment changed featured by lost friend, family, familiar environment, about 25%-35% patients have depression symptoms before the onset of vitiligo, 16% patients have sex problems.

Mathews reported there were several vitiligo patients immigrated to USA suffered from vitiligo for they they have some difficulties caused by losing their family and society support system and struggling to adapt to new environment. Koblenzer think the depressed mental emotion is a factor trigger vitiligo. Barisic-Drusko and other researchers do research on 65 vitiligo patients bout genetic and trigger factors and found the onset of vitiligo most of the vitiligo patients related to mental factors accounts for 56.9%.

In recent years, there are many researches and reports in home and abroad about the relationship between mental tension, psychological factors and get the result that vitiligo belong to typical mental and physical skin disease.


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